$1100 to spend on a new system......


Hye guys,

I know there are a lot of really smart people on this forum, and since i'm new to car audio, i need your help.

I recently purchased my 2003 corolla, and i want to replace the entire system.

I listen to mostly hiphop, reggae and sum rock. I want my system to hav really good SQ since i'm not going to be competing with it or anything.

So far all i know is, i'll be gettin the cda-9835 HU [$389]. I'm thinking of gettin one set of 6.5'' components and 12'' sub [and well amps for both obviously]. But will one component set be loud enough to go along with a 12'' sub, or should i get some sort of rear speakers.

Thanks guys.

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Good choice on the HU :-)
You should be fine with one set of comps and a 12"
Rear speakers throw off the sound stage up front.
Only thing I recommend back there is midbass,
but that isnt usually necessary either.

Have you thought about how youll be mounting
the components?
Stock locations or Kick Panels?
Even though that HU has time correction,
Id still get some kicks made personally.

I wanna hear what sub/amps/comps your looking
at so far.


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bub if u want sum good sound id save about 500 more bux and get 1 sol-X 18 inch from kicker and put it in the trunk...then u will have 400 bux 4 the rest will b loud

Thanks for the replies guys.
The components will be mounted in the doors because there isnt enuff room at the kickpanels.

The set i'm looking at is the infinity perfect 6.1. I've read good reviews about them and i can get'em for 240 online.

The sub will most likely be a re triple X although i'm considering the brahma as well.

The 1100 bucks isnt final, i can go an extra 200 or so.

Thanks guys.


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Sounds good so far. The Kappas are very nice for the money. You will not be dissappointed with a Brahma or a triple x.

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You installing this sh** yourself? Good choices, but you must realize you'll pay a pro shop the following (Chicago rates):

Head unit: $85 with harness & mounting kit
Amp: $125 with monster cable/wiring/mounting
Sub: $75 wiring to trunk
Component: $85 for three piece install incl xover, and gutting of the old wires
$350-$400---ALWAYS realize that install will inflate your budget---your $1100 is really $700...LATER!

Oh crap i should have mentioned, the $1100-$1400 is just for my equipment, my cousin owns a shop and he says he'll do the install for me.

So far its; HU-$389, comp-$240, sub-$369.

So what sort of amps will u all suggest for the perfect 6.1 and the X.X.X.....



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JL 300/4, run the front power to the components and the rear two channels to the sub. The best $400 you could spend on this Stealth Series amp. Later.

Thanks nappy
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