What amp...2 JL W6V2's..??


billy ross
Unregistered guest
i have 2 Jl w6v2's...idk what amp to run them on or how to wire them...?

billy ross
Unregistered guest
theres no budget.... and it doesnt say what wattage they are, so i need someone who knows what they're talking about...??

Unregistered guest
hey man try a Directed Audio (dei) 1100d mono amp it good down to one (1) ohm. @ 1162.3 watts bench tested at 12.5 volts its runns cool all day long and it will power your subs day in day out and all nigh tlong youll neva have to worry bout ova heatin it as far as wiring your subs are most likly DVC (Dual Voice Coil) meaning 4 connections per sub. connect all the pos terminals together (all 5 the two on each of the subs and the one from the amp) do the same for the neg terminals if u need any help hit me up my email is
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