Sound deadening. this generic dynamat any good?


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Is this generic brand of dynamat any good? Its called "sound killer gold". Heres the ebay link %26 you may have to copy and paste the link since most ebay links dont wont in this forum.

Its pretty cheap. 3.75 for a 10x10 sheet. If you buy 10 sheets you get a free roller. and shipping is free. So I could probably do my whole trunk and more for only 37 bucks if i buy 10 sheets.

Is the quality about the same? I heard of brown bread and other companies beside of dynamatt but those companies are pretty pricey too. This to me seems cheap and in my budget. Im mainly looking to reduce rattle from my trunk. Any help woul be apreciated. thanks

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yeah its pretty much all the same as long as the thickness is good.. usually .04 to .06 inches if I recall for the material.
if it absorbs vibration, it does it's job.

i dont know about needing 10 10x10 sheets, as long as you have your sheets properly placed you could possibly get away with 5 10x10 sheets

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thanks for the info and help. i went ahead and ordered 5 sheets. but since its not 10 i dont get the roller. Do i need the roller to properly install the deadener? thanks again.

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if you have a old small paint roller, see if the cloth is removeable..i found one in my basement and used it with my dynomat...also the whole idea is to just keep the air pockets to a BARE minimum, so even if you have a good idea of how to do that with just bare hands, it would still give great results

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Registered: Sep-04 no airpockets? Ill just use a credit card then.
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