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I have alpine 9813 with 4 polk db570 speakers. I am looking for better sound. Should I upgrade speakers? Suggestions please. Or should I put an amp with what I have?

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Polk Audio makes good speakers.
The Alpine CDA-9813 is a great head unit.
make sure the Vdrive amplifier has a 10AWG line for the constant power running directly to the battery terminal with a fuse, so the speakers are getting clean power from the amplifier, and the amp is getting good clean current.
remember that amp gives 27wRMS x 2, which is almost 3 times what most head units put out.

I'd suggest you add a small mono amp, like the JBL BP150.1, or BP300.1 and add one or two subwoofers to the system and you'll have a very well rounded setup.
look at two 10", or one or two 12" subs in a vented enclosure.

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GlassWolf---How can I get the man at CC to understand what you stated above. I showed him the manual which states that the power supply should run to the battery. He says it doesn't matter. He said he called Alpine and they said it wasn't necessary. I called Alpine and they told me that it is "recommended". Is it absolutely necessary? I also looked at a manual for the 9803 which does not have the Vdrive and Alpine also says it should run directly to the battery. What is up?

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Tell the installer at CC that you're paying him to install the unit correctly, and ask to speak to a manager.
Demand that the 10AWG line be run to the unit from the battery, fused, since that's how it should be done.

The head unit puts out 110 watts RMS total. (27x4)
That's about 16 amps of current continuous draw.
a factory wiring harness uses 20AWG wire, and is usually about 10-15ft long before reaching the power source. (Order a factory harness some time from a dealer. For the radio it comes with about 20ft of wire.)

Now, use the following chart:

100 watts is 10AWG minimum. more than 8 feet of wire and you should go to 8AWG.

print this thread.
print that chart.
take them with you.
ask the installer if he's an electrical engineer, or an MECP master installer.
I am.

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Are the 9813 and 9815 the only models that need line to battery?

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any alpine head unit featuring the Vdrive MOSFET internal amplifier should have the dedicated power line run for them.

Never go to CC. Go somewhere that has people that know what they're talking about.

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WOuld running the 9813HU directly to the Battery make that big of a difference?

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In this case it would.

glasswolf, how much difference does it really make? I had mine installed and I know that was not done for me. I have a 9813 4" kappa up fornt and Kenwood FKC-XR901 6x9 in the rear, no other amps. I had it installed in my glove box of my 1966 Lemans to keep the dash looking orignal.
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