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I'm selling all the equipment I've used in my comp cars and my daily drivers. I've recently upgraded to 9918's :D for the daily and now using 1500 series for the comp car ;), I know, sounds crazy but true haha, you'll see at finals :D

2 9915 quad2 ohm, yellow composite. $1500 for pair

4 9512f D1 with carbon fiber caps, only 30 seconds play time $450 each

2 9512e D.5 with carbon cap, $400 each

4 9512f D.5 with carbon fiber caps, only 60-90 seconds of play time. $450 each

2 9515d D1 with carbon fiber caps, $450 each

No low ball offers, prices are mostly kinda firm, maybe cut a deal on multiple drivers or somethin, idk. These are available for pick up at my house or I can ship them from 53511 UPS.
These are all used woofers but very well taken care of. The comp subs were never burped more than once per 5 minutes with anything more than 3000wrms. I'm very particular about my testing and pay close attention to voltage and take great care of my woofers.

>The 9512d.5's are the subs i used to break the 901-1800 World record and win the 901-1800ss World Championship.
>The 9512d1's are the subs I used to break the Pro0-1000 World Record and win the Pro0-1000 World Championship.
>The 99's were used in my daily driver for a couple years, ran one MMats 3000.5 on them, also used them in my old truck where I had 2 3000.1's on them. Never played them loud for more then 20 to 30 seconds just to show off, like I said, I take good care of my stuff.
>The 9515's I bought from another competitor that were NIB recones. I tried them in my daily driver but took'em out the next day because the 99's were louder.
>The 2 9512d.5's I bought from Justin Whitty and they work great, he said said he used a Z1 on each for burps.

Some of you know I am an authorized DD dealer, I WILL NOT give price quotes or sell any DD over the net or phone so please don't ask, thank you.

If your interested in my personal equipment let me know, i need to sell this stuff.

I also have 4 NIB reconed 9018 with 8"carbon caps but i'm not sure if i can sell those on here since they are technically new now, i'll call and ask, but I would want 600 each for those.

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great stuff from a great seller

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you dont by chance have a 9512G or 9500G motor do you? im looking to add another one and ive already got a G series sub.

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Too bad your not selling any of your amps.

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Thanks Scott.

Sorry I don't have any used G motors :-(

I am selling my comp amps too.
I've got a few modded 3000.05's that are very strong amps for 0-600. Did a 159 with ONE 3000.05, much stronger than the newer 3500.05 model, higher rail voltage, protection circuit is different too.

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Zac, have you posted this on If needed you can use my name for a reference as I've sold and bought a decent amount on there. They get tons of traffic so that's why I'm mentioning it. I'd post it for you but I don't want to go behind your back so...let me know and I'll help you out.

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dude that would be cool if you could do that for me:-)

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I posted a thread over there for you so expect a lot of hits over there and if you get pictures let me know and send them to me through myspace or my Email so I can post them or just upload them all to Putfile and I'll post the links to them.

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cool, could you put a link in this thread to the ca thread?
thanks so much bro

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15 views but no hits yet through my PM box or the thread but I'll bump the thread to the top as needed.

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also try sounddpressure as well they would eat this stuff up. id punch my grandma in the face for a 3000.05 amp.

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I posted it on SP forum, hope it helps. I have always wanted a 9915 but going a different direction now, good luck...Polo..

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Poor grandma.. but that was hilarious.

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you still got all this zac?
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