Jvc GR-d33u pc/capture problem


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Hi! I have a jvc GR-D33U camcorder. I am running WinXP pro on a Athlon 1800XP sitting in a new Gigabyte board along, and am using Firewire. I am currently trying to use Windows Movie Maker, NeroVision, and Sonic MyDVD. The problem is I cannot capture from the camera. The camera will run just fine while I am trying to capture-but I get nothing in the preview area of the programs I am trying to use and nothing gets captured. I am at my wits end with this thing. One error message I get says that the file is too short. Any help at all would be appreciated.

And sorry if this was answered in another thread, it is hard to sort through a thread with 12904032958 replies.

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I'm having the exact same problem on 2 of my computers with similar software (AMD64 Athlon 3400+ and an Athlon 2700+). Both systems meet the requirements specified in the JVC guide. I took one computer to a computer shop and left them scratching their heads telling me it should be plug and play. I heven't see anything else on the web referencing this problem. Sorry I don't have a solution but I thought Id throw in my 2 cents.

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I have a JVC Camcoder GR D20E.The Cam is working well. But I could not transfer the videos to my Pc.Actually after going thro certain messagea posted here I understand that I need a firewire,and a software like windows movie maker II.In the Manual they say I need a DV connector with iEEEE or iLINK compatible. I donot know what they are.

My system WIN XP, P4,256 MB SDR RAM and no firewire

But someone plz thro some light.


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I have the exact same problem. However, I do have a firewire cable and a port. Sometimes the camera will be recognized and work, other times it won't. I have made about two movies out of many attempts. The usual problem is as described. No video is evident in the preview frame and nothing is captured. I didn't have this problem until I installed Service Pack 2.

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Try to remove the Nero Software as it is known to conflict with a lot of other video editing software.

Consult your manual. If you have a DV output on your camera, you need a DV to IEEE1394 or firewire going into your computer. Which means you are going to need a firewire card. If you don't know what these things are, I suggest you do some reading and study some more before you attempt to do any video transferring.

Keith, what video editing software do you use? I have SP2 and I never had any problems. How are your drivers? have you done any other updates?

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I had this same problem. Update to Service Pack 2 for XP, then install this update from Microsoft:

Trouble installing? Follow these tips:

Finally, change SidSpeed (in the registry) to 1
(explained in the MS link above)


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I just bought a new JVC mini DV camcorder and found out in order to transfer video to my PC, I will need a DV connector (either 4 or 6 pins) and a DV cable (4 or 6 pins depending on what my pc connector is). I thought all I needed was a USB cable and didn't know this until I opened the box & read the manual. Of course, it took me more than 30 days to check this out and I couldn't return the dv camcorder anymore. I just wished I'd spent more money to buy one one of those DVD camcorder or ones that can connect to pc using USB. Does anyone know how to add a DV connector to my pc?

I have got JVC GR-D33U - a have same problem - can not see any video. I have got XpProSP2 .... before I had Sp 1 - everything was working beter - not always but better . Thier is no prob. with Nero Software. 100% sure

Burn Out
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yeah i got a JVC GR-D72u and i also have the same problems you all are speaking about... the preview window is blank and the camcorder plays via the pc but doesnt actually capture the video and tells me the size is too small to capture. I got a IEEE1394
card on my pc,xp home edition. Ive tried Sony Vegas 6 , W.Movie player , WinDV , and the only program thats even done anything is the bundled program pixela imagemixer and moviewow! that comes with JVC, i noticed though when the video is long,it records the video in segments and cuts and records those.. can i get some help please.. i dunno why i cant just get the video! it should let me get 19 min of DV...... any help is love.... 1

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i have a GR-D33U and it says safe guard remove batterie and put back in but the safe guard still pops up how do i get ride of that

jvc user
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"Safe Guard Remove Batteries" "Put Back In" means remove battery, wait 3 to 5 mins, and put battery back in camcorder. If condition does not change, you battery needs to be recharged fully. Do this and the problem will go away.

If you have eject problems, eject and shut system down. Wait 3 to 5 mins and reinsert tape. It may take several attempts before it works properly. The chip inside the camcorder has to reset itself.

If none of these suggestions work, your camcorder will need servicing.

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Greetings. I fix camdorders and such for a living:

Many JVC camcorders that use DV/Firewire/1394 links to a PC use a different transfer speed than what is normally used in most all other camcorders/decks. In most cases, a camcorder will work "well" with any version of Windows. However, the second that they switch to Service Pack 2, the camcorder stops capturing (blank screen & no sound, but the PC can still control the camcorder). If this is your problem - here is the answer you are looking for....

>>>Many people have tried a similar method - however mine is a little different, so do it again with me anyways if it didn't work for you...<<<

1. Plug in camcorder to computer VIA firwire/1394. , but turn camcorder power OFF.

2. Download and install patch "" - don't listen to the instructions - just install patch. and NO RESTART!

3. Go to START>RUN> and type "regedit".


5. Right-Click the PCI folder and select FIND.

6. type in "sidspeed" and and hit ENTER

7. in the right window you should double-click "SidSpeed" - change the value to 3. Hit OK and exit and then FILE> EXIT.

8. Turn on the camcorder in VCR mode. Start playing the DV tape. Start restarting your computer. Leave the camcorder running all throughtout the process. When the computer boots up, click on MY COMPUTER. You should see an icon with your comcorder on it. Double click on this icon. Do you see video? If so, EXCELLENT!. if not, continue on.........

Change the REGEDIT, SIDspeed value to 1. Restart with same process of camera being on and going to MY COMPUTER. If this doesn't work again, well then email me. ( We will get to the bottom of this.

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Here is the easiest way to solve the transfer problem with th JVC GR-D33 and maybe the GR-D73.

Follow these step, they work for me:

1)Turn off computer and camera.
2)Turn On camera on the "play" mode.
3)Turn on PC.
4)Now open a video capture software, it must work.

Note: Do not use IMAGE MIXER, use a real software like Premiere Pro, Vegas.

The real problem is that JVC and Firewire cards are not always compatible unless the Firewire card have the Texas Instruments chip (TI).

Hope it works for you!

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O.K. i was having the same problem with my JVC-33 and I followed the above directions. I got an error message and error sending note after i finished double clicking on MY COMPUTER. Now the computer is not recognising the camcorder at all. Even after simple restart. The camcorder is not listed under MY COMPUTER.
What did I do and how can I fix it.

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I sent you an email. The steps didn't work for me. Please help.

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I have a JVC GR-D73 that has the same problem as outlined above during attempted firewire capture. (A black screen during capture, able to operate the camcorder Play, stop, etc. functions via the capture software, and an error message that states that the capture length was too short). However, I am using Windows 2000 (SP4) and not XP. USB transfer works, but only with the default low resolution. I am changing Firewire cards from one with a VIA chip to one with a TI chip. I'll let you know if this helps. As far as I can tell, "sidspeed" is not in the W2K registry.

I have JVC GR-D72.
Capture does not work but if you unplug firewire cable from computer and plug it back immediately but in different port it starts to work.
You can always use same two ports, as it is not port problem. This was only way for me to get it to work and it servs me fine...

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I was finally able to capture DV from my JVC GR-D73 with a new Firewire card from Keyspan that has a TI chip. My previous firewire card with a VIA chip just gave me the black screen. The capture software was Image Mixer 1.7. My OS is W2K running on an Athlon XP 2900+.

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Ditto what Jserle said, I dumped my Sewell Direct VIA card for a Stratitec with the TI chipset and my GR-D72U captures perfectly with Movie Maker, VideoWave and WinDV. I haven't tried ImageMixer but then again why would I want to?

Dell Demension 8400 3.0 Ghz Pentium 4, WinXP Home Edition

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Hi all. Can anyone help me with a camcorder problem, i have a jvc grd240 and just found out that i will need a 4 or 6 pin dv cable to connect to my p.c. Problem is i dont think my computer has a firewire and how do i tell? running an emachine 2.6 with xp. Thought would only need usb cable but from reading forum take it theres more to it.

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Look in device manager for a device called "1394 etc". That is firewire.

If not already present, PCI or PCMCIA firewire cards are very cheap.


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Greetings! I posted a message above, here is a follow-up. Many people (25 or so) have emailed me saying that my solution doesn't work just right. Add the following steps to the end of my previous post.

1. Turn on the camera and plug firefire into computer (computer should be off)

2. leave camera on, but without playing anything in VCR mode. Turn on computer.

3. Once computer starts, and everything has loaded in, start playing some movie
on the camcorder, and then bring up MY COMPUTER and double-click on the cameras
icon. You should see a grey box (which is what your problem is in the first

4. Then, exit my computer and stop playing the movie, but keep the camcorder on.

5. Put your computer into standby and then bring it out of standby a few seconds
later. (it sounds stupid, but it worked for some people...)

6. Once you see your screen again, and have logged in, play a movie again and
then double-click on your camcorders icon in MY COMPUTER. DO YOU SEE A MOVIE?

Once again, keep emailing me if it doesn't work (

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Well, JVC says their product won't work with win xp service pack 2 - here's an email I sent them.... tell EVERYONE YOU KNOW NEVER PURCHASE A JVC PRODUCT EVER FOR ANY REASON!!!!!

JVC GR-D74U Digital Video Piece of...

I'm running winxp media center edition with amd 64x2 processor and 1gb ram so I shouldn't have any problems. The computer is 3 months old, and came with winXP Service Pack 2, I have NO CHOICE but to run with the service pack as the CD came with it integrated!

After spending literally HOURS trying to get the damn camera working with the PC, searching the web, reading your website [] (which doesn't say a THING about my camera ANYWHERE in customer service!) via firewire, I finally called JVC Technical Support only to be told flatly that the camera won't work with winXP service pack 2. The tech rep did not care about anything but ending the call - do I have any options? no she said, it's up to me to do whatever I want. It won't work and that's that.

I called Airmiles, they told me to talk to JVC. So, I guess I have NO OPTION and no digital video camera.


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I believe that JVC technical support is more worthless than the camcorder, which is actually good news for you, because people have been able to transfer DV via firewire (Texas instrument chipset) with Windows XP sp2 adjusting SIDspeed to 1 or 3. Do not expect JVC technical support to learn this much about their own products. I am using W2K, so SIDspeed is not an issue for me, but the TI firewire card sure was.

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I've had the same problems with my JVC and firewire. I have windows service pack 2.
Has the advice above (from Jserle or from Eric C Brown) worked for anyone?

Sheila N

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i got jvc "gr-d72u" and i have connection computer just wont recognize it!
before it was like this,i connect camcorder and my pc doesnt recognize it at first,i had to wait for about half of hour and then i could hear sound from winxp(sp2) (device is connected).it has possibility to connect with pc over dv and usb,i have usb cable (wich i got with camcorder)
today,my pc cannot recognize at all!
i tryed to change cable,tryed to do the same operation at my friends pc,but still nothing hapened.
what should i do??? i'm grateful for any help.

Shane N.
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I have a JVC GR-D72U. I am runing XP Media Center Edition (SP2- preloaded). I am able to download via firewire and still can. However, since I downloaded my first tape, the camera will not record new video. It keeps saying the lens cap is on and the lcd and viewfinder are black. (I promise, the lens cap is not on...) It will record audio but no video. Has anyone had this issue (and hopefully know a resolution)? Any help will be greatly appreciated. (Would like to get this thing working for Christmas...) -- Thanks

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I am having the EXACT same problem Shane N. I don't know why I can play back old stuff, but when I record, it shows lens cap, etc. It must be a defect! Did you ever figure it out?

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Hi Shane N and Mark P and all the others I have spotted on the net who have this infuriating "Lens cap" problem. I have been using my D73 for nearly 18 months, and the problem has just happened to me. I feel a bit better now I know others have the same problem - BUT HOW DO WE FIX IT?? Surely someone out there can help.... please... I want to use it at New Year.. sob sob.

Ramon Scott
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This is a warranty issue: you need to contact the JVC warranty center and they will repair it free until Oct 1, 2007

In Brief, there is a there is a problem with the CCD (whatever that is )

Ramon Scott
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This is a warranty issue: you need to contact the JVC warranty center and they will repair it free until Oct 1, 2007

In Brief, there is a there is a problem with the CCD (whatever that is )

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I have just bought a GR-D73. I have installed the software - Imagemixer but in the instructions on the disk and in the manual that came with the camera it says to "Refer to SOFTWARE INSTALLATION AND USB CONNECTION GUIDE" for the drivers. Also, when I connect the camera via the USB cable I get the usual Found New Hardware and then it goes through the installation of the drivers. When I hit finish it comes up with "Found new hardware" and it starts all over again. Meanwhile, it can not find the camcorder when I open Imagemixer! Can anyone help please?

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I'm hoping someone here can help me. I have a JVC GR-D250 U. I have in the past, successfully transferred video from that camera to my computer using the Turtle Beach Video Advantage (which has the DV Firewire Texas Instruments OHCI compliant connect built in). I have had SP2 installed for years, so I don't think that's the problem. I also have Nero installed, but that's been installed since the beginning and hadn't had any probs before. 2 Days ago I transferred video from my JVC to my computer. Now, all of a sudden, my computer will not recognize my JVC video camcorder. It's not in "My Computer", and I tried capturing with Windows Movie maker, Cyberlink Power Director-full version, and Roxio Easy Media Creator 7.5 (all of which used to work with this camera, and now none of them recognize it). I also checked the System Hardware properties to see if I could see anything wrong with the Firewire port in my computer, and it says "working properly" .

I tried the fixes Eric C. Brown suggested, downloading the Microsoft patch and regedit to first change the SidSpeed to 3, restarting, when that didn't work I tried setting SidSpeed to 1, restarting with the camera playing, but that didn't work either. Though I really had my doubts because I wasn't having trouble getting it to work at first, the camcorder had stopped communicating with my computer for whatever reason. I have 2 hard drives in my computer, both running Windows XP SP2 and have the drivers installed for Turtle Beach Video Advantage DV port. Both hard drives & operating systems when booted up, used to recognize the camera, and now they don't - neither one.

I also have 2 firewire cables to connect the camera to my computer, so I tried switching the cables out, and still no recognition on either hard drive, so it's not a cable problem. Do you think the problem could be the camcorder? Has anyone ever known a digital camcorder's firewire port go bad? Or possibly the Video Advantage's firewire port in my computer (even though Windows XP system properties says it is working)? I can't think of what else it could be, but I'm hoping to hear from someone before I go to the trouble and expense of sending my camcorder in for repair. Is there anything else I can try? PLEASE HELP!

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I dont have the JVC GR-D33 drivers, and I cant find it, pleace, were I can find them?
Gontran Noble

I have GR-D71U.
I could not capture video through firewire.
Camera was recognized and I could control tape but I could not see anything on preview.
It took me long time and 2 firewire cards + onboard firewire to figure out the problem.
This JVC camcorder does NOT work with firewire adapters that are based on VIA chipset.
Sadly most onboard and cheap firewire adapters are in this category. Since I got TI ( texas instruments) chip based firewire adapter I had no problems at all.
I hope this helps people having same problems.
It is dificult to find TI based card since most manufacturers don't list that information.

Here is card that worked fine for me with JVC camcorder

Good luck!


David Payne 1981
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this problem has caused me so many headaches! at least I think I'm making progress after reading all this...
does anyone know of any TI based firewire cards available in the United Kingdom? I find it hard to find these sorts of things out on the suppliers websites.

David Payne 1981
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in answer to my own question, i just went to PC world and bought a belkin firewire card. Didnt say anything about being TI but i'd read that they all are. WHen i installed it I was delighted to see 'texas instruments' pop up in the device manager, now she captures like a dream!
thanyou very much Germa, your post stopped me smashing up my pc :-)

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I have a JVC GR-D33U and I can't capture the video from the camera to my PC. I can control the camera, I just can't get any picture or sound on my PC. I've tried installing the windows patch and changing my SIDspeed to both 1 and 3 and still nothing after restart. My OS is XP Pro w/sp2 (Recently reformatted HD). My mobo is an Asus K8S-LA (onboard firewire) with an AMD Athlon 64 3200+ I'd appreciate any help. Thanks

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i have a jvc gr-d33u that has been caprturing video perfectly with my adaptec firewire cable & card that i installed in my pc ... until now that is. i bought a new cable, thinking that would solve the problem, but it did not. so its not the cable. i tried reinstalling the driver for the card, but no go. the camera works fine except for capture. is it possible that the camera firewire connection just stoped working? is it the card? (device manager says it is working properly.) where do i go from here? i would greatly appreciate any help asap,
thanks alot

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Update to my jvc gr-d33u capture problem - I recently tried using my camera on my in-laws' hp pavilion 7950 pc that has an Asus mobo with a Via KT133 chipset and it worked just fine; yet it still won't work on mine. Any suggestions??

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I have a JVC Grd73 camcorder I am running Windows XP. I like to never got my pc to recongize my camcorder. I had to move my USB cable to another port, then my PC started to install it but quit and said the driver could be found. Now my PC will not install the driver for the camcorder, I down loaded the driver from a JVC site, it was Pixmcvc[1].sys. file. I down loded it to my hard drive and on a CD. My PC has the GRD73 listed in Divice manger with a yellow ! It says my driver is not installed. Can anyone help me?


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I am only posting this once so as to -- hopefully help out those with JVC camcorders w/Firewire interface that are not getting recognized by XP SP2.

I also NOT some techie, so please don't pick my brains (leave me questions). I spent a whole night and morning trying to find the right solution on the Net, drinking way too much coffee.

Short version: You're on your own, but maybe saved - lol.

What I found out in my long wee hours is that there are various workarounds on the Net that work or don't.

Some involving a Windows patch called "WindowsXP-KB885222-v2-x86-ENU.exe" -- but it's a mess to go that route, and in many cases, you hit a brick wall for it won't install.

If you breath and take it one step at at time, you'll find out that worked for me is pretty simple to do. It's just a few paragraphs of instructions.

The reason I have posted here is that if what I found works for my old GRDVL-120U (6 years old model! -- as of the date of this posting), it should work for newer ones like what you all have posted.



A) You have upgraded from SP1 to SP2 somewhere down the line.

B) Your system or disk came already with SP2 (less desirable, but it's possible to fix if you know someone with SPI).


--- As is known, JVC cams works best and in some cases ONLY with TI (Texas Instrument chip) cards. In my case, I went to Best Buy and got a Belkin.

--- You MUST also have access to the older 2001 or 2002 files related to 1394/Firewire, and in case A) you're already halfway there for they should be in a .cab file (don't sweat this now, you'll capisce eventually).

(I have them and could send them to those who need it, but as far as I know, that's a federal copyright infringement. So going there. Sorry.)

If you're in a situation B), then find those older files on your own if you don't succeed with what will be suggested because:

--- Any files dated 2004 or later may just put you back to where you were with this pretty stupid situation, IMO.


"OK, so what is this 'what' that works?

Forget that the page I'm going to refer you to is is about some Firewire 800 software (I haven't never heard of it either), just follow the instructions. Skip everything until you get down to the heading in orange font titled:

"Back to SPI?"

Then pay attention and try it out. Do it ALL the way through, ladies and gentleman. Otherwise, the next time you boot you'll just be right back where you started (XP auto-replaces some drivers that our "out of date" on every boot if necessary).

It worked for me, may it work for at least one of you fellow JVC-ers. In fact, it's the only reason I registered here at this board (today):

--- I saw so much frustration here by so many when I came looking for answers myself, that I figured, "Hey, if what I found can work for me and my oldie but goodie, well, pass it on."

Last, please, once again: I am not some tech guru and I may not even come back to this thread but once or twice again, so don't rely on me -- use the information given.

(a.k.a. Philip :-)

Here it is the famous "what"/solution page:

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My name is Tracy and I recently bought a JVC brand GR-D33U camcorder. The issue I have been having is that my pc won't capture the video from my camera to my pc via the fire wire port. I have an AMD 64 Althlon 3200+ 1 gig of ram and an MSI Micro ATX motherboard 1394 compliant fire wire card and xp home with service pack 2. When I go to capture using either Ulead video studio 9.0 or windows movie maker the preview screen is black. I've done all the stuff that Microsoft has said to do but nothing worked. If any one could help me I would really appreciate it.

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Username: Jvc_dave

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Try following my instructions here

If that doesn't work, let me know.

New member
Username: Tmbstne284

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I followed your instructions but nothing worked what else can I do?

New member
Username: Jvc_dave

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Does your Camcorder show up under "My computer" when connected to your PC?

New member
Username: Jvc_dave

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Also were you ever able to see video in the preview window? If so, what has changed since then?

Have you ever been able to capture video on your computer? If so, what has changed since then?

Besides asking the obvious questions, like "Is the cable connected and in good shape..." I'm going to assume you have a decent knowledge of computer operation and will know how to remove your firewire card under device manager and let windows re-detect it. If that doesn't work, try changing the DWORD settings from 0 to 1 to 2 to 3 and reboot the pc & camcorder everytime you change the value, while looking for your camcorder under "My computer" until it appears.

If none of this works, try connecting your camcorder to another PC and see if that fixes the problem. If connecting it to another pc resolves the issue, let me know. You will probably have to run through my instructions on the other pc unless it is not Service Pack 2.

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I had the same problem not capturing video. I went to Best Buy and the guy told me I needed a dazzle it has usb on one end and video connections on other. Worked first time. The only problem I have now is not in color. Had very low ram so got 1 gig still no difference.

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I am having the same capture problem as described by others. No matter what steps I take I do not get the Windows ping and pop up window showing the recognizion of the camera.

It is not the camcorder, JVC GR-D870U (tried JVC demos at store), not the cable (tried more than one), not the editing software (tried more than one). Not a bad firewire port (use it with eternal hard drive) at times.

It has to be because I have a JVC camcorder and Windows XP SP2.

I am not able to do the MS fix described regarding editing the registry because I have a laptop with an integrated firewire port. So there is nothing I can change in the PCI folder. I did a search throughout the registry to find a reference to sidspeed so I could edit it, but find no reference to sidpeed anywhere.

I should say that if I do various reboots, camera on/off, in playing video mode, etc. every once in awhile I luck out and can capture. But is a real pain.

Anybody have a solution for a laptop with an integrated firewire port?

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I have a problem with JVC GR-D870U Camcorder.
I can't connect it to PC. Got firewire card TI chipset. Using Windows XP SP3. Cam can't be recognized.
Tried to connect it to some other comps and it works but not on all and not on mine.
Got cam from a friend-GR-D270U (works with his comp) and same problem again so it must be the Comp creating the problem.
What should I do???
Please help}

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Instead of hasing gremlins, buy a standalone DVD recorder.

Look around for one with Firewire input.

I myself just bought the Magnavox DVD recorder with 160GB hard drive for $250 including tax. It has a Firewire input.

I also have an older JVC DVD recorder that I bought 5 years ago.

I just transfer the video to a DVD-RW disc. Then I take it over to my PC. It's called a transfer instead of a capture, because the digital data from the camcorder tape is copied over to the DVD-RW one for one. No loss. After you go this route, you will wonder why you didn't do this earlier. My 2 cents.
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