Laptop to control stereo???


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i have a 400 watt dclass amp and 2 10" coustic subs and an Alpine 60x4 watt HU

i was wondering if it was an easy hook up with a laptop to control my music and still have sound coming outta the subs.
And if so what kind of Sound Card would be best? Digital output??? or regular output??
and is it that the Head Unit has to have RCA inputs to do the simple "plug and tune" method or is an Fm modulator still necessary.

all in all i want to use the laptop as a head unit that controls the music(but obviously i still need the alpine to power the amp and subs)

any help would be GREATLY appreciated

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Hi Steve! Does your head unit have RCA inputs? It sounds like you have a good idea goin, since you have all of your stolen music you want to play, so why wouldn't you want to hook your laptop up, right?

Well, it all depends on how you can input the sound from your laptop to your reciever. FM Modulated sound is very horrible quality, well, atleast it is worse than CD and MP3 quality.

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i want to do the same thing with either an itx setup or mini atx but i have the 9805 alpine head unit with aux. input so i went out and bought the plug (the one that would control the cd changer ability on the head unit) then buy the stereo adapter to eigth inch plug and pop it into the alpine plug end and your laptop (whalla done)
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