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Would it be wise to buy 2 DVC subs that are 500w RMS and connect them to my amp in a 2 ohm load, about 200w x 2?? Or would it be better if i go with 2 SVC's that handle 350w RMS and put that onto my 2ohm load amp??
I am thinking that the first option is over kill, cuz i can only put out 200w x 2 in 2ohms.. But, thats why I am asking for opinions :-D

The more power the better.


to get the best performance from your amp you should always stay around 4 ohms; however' some amps can actually run 2 ohms without any serious drawbacks. To actually get 2 ohms stereo or mono you would use this listed example for 2 woofers
2 - single 4 ohm woofers wired in parallel =2
2 - single 1 ohm wooferes wired in series =2
2 - dual 8 ohm woofers in parallel =2
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