Can i run subs - off a stage keyboard amp, with ext speaker out


thanx very much to anyone who can explain how i can do this. I am not too experienced with ohms loadings, and i just dont want to blow anything up.

The plan is to just play CDs at home with a line out into a keyboard amp, powering 2 (or 1) subs. (the amp can be EQd to sub freq only)

I have a Carvin 100watt keyboard amplifier with a 12" speaker, plus it has a ext speaker jack.

I also have two Alpine 150watt RMS, 4 ohm Subs, which lay doormant since their amp was stolen from my car.

Is it possible?

In the manual for the Amp it quotes:

"The EXTERNAL SPEAKER jack is for connecting external speaker cabinets. The jack is configuered so that when an external speaker cabinet is connected it is in series with the CARVINs internal speaker. It is not recommended to go above 8 ohms because this will lower the total output substantially. Recommended external speaker impedances are 4 or 8 ohm cabinets for the best matching of the internal speaker to an external speaker."

so is 2 subs, 4 ohms each equal to 8 ohms?

as i said i really don't quite know much about this. If someone could explain the best way to do this I would be ever so grateful at being able to use my subs again.

thanx in advance to anyone who can help me.

2 4ohm are 4 ohm
2 8ohm are 8ohm you dont dubble the ohm. it stays the same

if you bridge a amp then it drops the ohm if you have 8ohm it will drop down to 4ohm....

yes you can

John Peter
so... ahh... how do i do it?

Wise Guy
If you connect your speakers in series you'll have 8 ohms if you connect it in paralell you will have 2 ohms to conect it in series you will have to take the positive terminal from the amp to the positive terminal at the speaker and the negative terminal of that speaker to the positive terminal of the next speaker and from the negative terminal of the last speaker to the negative terminal of the amp and you'll have an 8 ohms load.

thanx wise guy much appreciated. It worx.
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