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Does it matter which speakers I tie into to get a signal for my amp? I have a stock Bose system in a Hummer H2.

Bose is a whole different animal dude.

Not gonna happen

the guys at the audio place acted like it was no big deal.......you are saying it cant be done? I cant rob a signal for the amp?

Sure you can.But bose systems are amplified and might overload the high inputs of your amp.

dang....that sucks....i wonder where the best place would be to tie in.....prob the little speakers in the back?

dude just splice in anywhere.....they have amps yes but "F"em

since bose systems are amplified it might even juice up your amp and force it to put out a little more RMS!!!! MORE IN=MORE OUT HECK YA!

ROFL!!!!!!Nice theory.I wish everything worked that way.

Check the voltage (not power, check the voltage) that the Bose signal carries. ...now check the maximum tolerance for the input line on most devices.

Still think it will work?

You know,they do make after market bose converters.Try crutfield,they carry all that sh*it

Hey hummer,check this link out. http://www.crutchfield.com/cgi-bin/ProdView.asp?s=0&c=11&g=751&I=127OS1BOSE&o=m&a=0&cc=01&avf=N
. Its 100 bucks,but you just spent 50 grand on an H2,I think you can afford it.

Another anonymous poster who becomes an expert..NOT! The link you posted at Crutchfield is for replacing the RADIO, that's not what he's trying to do.

"lets you replace a General Motors radio (without RDS) with an aftermarket receiver"

Sorry bud, you still can't get there from here without removing all trace of BOSE and putting in standard stuff. It's a fact.

leavebosealone, it can be done but it's kinda pointless. You spend a bunch of money for that nice Bose sound and then you pipe it through a converter and turn it back in to a standard signal.

PAC does make a converter that they claim will work with Bose. I do NOT recommend this stuff but if he really wants to it's his baby. Super highly suggest that you buy the item at and have it installed by a reputable shop. The tuning here is muy importante`!


Peace and stuff

FU*CK YOU LBA!!!!If you stopped jumping the gun and actually read what the ad says you would have read "the OEM-1 premium sound system interface, which allows quick connection of an aftermarket receiver (or an additional amplifier) to the GM Bose system, without the need to cut wiring;".I repeat "OR AN ADDITIONAL AMPLIFIER".You co*ck smoking jew.

anonymous, take your racist issues elsewhere. Do you shave your head and shout 'white power' too?

And in defense of LBA, using these converters is a generally bad idea. They are typically a source of noise and odd gain levels between the Bose and non-bose portions of the system.

Nothing like having a $50k car with a whirring sound system 'eh?

Ive called several local "PRO" audio shops and crutchfield and they seem to have no problem with just tapping into the speaker output? They said they install amps with bose systems all the time and have never had a problem? One said the only difference is that bose amps their speakers...not the whole system....if you went in after the amp BIG problem but as long as it is before....it is just a common audio signal??? Have any of you actually did this???

What do you think of this product??http://www.logjamelectronics.com/pacc2clgmrar.html

That looks like it would work perfect hummer.Motoman22 sorry for the slur,but he kinda pissed me off.Does that ad not say "or an additional amp"??????And yes I do shave my head.

Hey hummer,looks like you answered your own post.That adapter you linked to will work great.

Hummer, I haven't messed with mobile Bose systems since the mid 90's and these adapters were in their infancy. They may have gotten much better now, there's another guy on here named Teflondog who has probably done it recently...may hunt him down and ask him?

My only experience with trying to integrate Bose and aftermarket systems was a disaster. It did 'work' but I ended up getting much better sound with a Pioneer head unit that cost $150 at walmart....and it still didn't sound near as good as the original Bose system untouched.

I seem to remember something along the lines of 18v on the signal side of Bose whereas Alpine type stuff uses 4v or maybe 8v at the most. It's a solid idea, higher voltage means less interference when you step it back down but it's just so darn different and odd and stuff /c:

Newer equipment is probably better able to handle high voltage preamp signals, especially if you are going to use high quality stuff like Alpine or Eclipse. I kinda doubt you plan on using cheapo stuff so you'll probably be fine.

Use tiny fuses!!!

LOL :c)
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