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I have 2 4" aero ports that are roughly 10.5" in length each,with the flares. According to the calculator on PSP's website that puts my tuning right around 36-37hz. Now I really would like to tune lower for my Havoc,the box and ports were originally for a Audioque HD3 15 so thats why its tuned as high as it is. I just so happen to come across about a 20ft peice of 4" PVC pipe,it was free so I took it. Now my question is could I cut my aeros and add some PVC pipe and attach it with some couplers from a hardware store to make it a bit longer and therefore drop my tuning? Would the PVC pipe work? I can get the couplers for around $1.50-$2 each so I could save some money if I did this but a complete 4" aero kit on parst express is only like $15 bucks/each so if my idea wouldnt work out I will just buy new aeros. I just figured since I already have the PVC pipe I could save a few bucks. Im not trying to cheap out on this but who doesnt like to save money? And instead of waiting a week for parts express to deliver new aeros I could do this like tomorrow. Another consern is will 2 4" aeros have enough port area for my Havoc? I think one 4" is around 13sq in of port so I only have about 26sq in of port for my sub. Should I consider adding more 4" ports? Go with 6" aeros? Or just say screw this box and go with a slot ported box? Opinions needed please and thank you.

BTW My Havoc gets loud as hell with the way the box is now but its kinda "boomy" and doesnt really get as low as I would like it to.

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just buy some new aero ports. I wouldn't detend them with PVC. it's thick, and will probably cause chuffing.

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i wud say if its exactly the same diameter internally then i dont fore see any problems with joining it

the port area of 2 4" is indeed on the small side - 4 wud be better & u will get more output

wud be better if u buy 2 more ports & whatever extra length of tube u need from partsexpress ...
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