I need help with my amps


Hey yall, I have some questions for some of you guys out there so if you can help me that would be great but let me tell you what's up first I just had a system in my car but I decided to beef it up a little so now i sold that one and have a like 3 times better system but i need to know how to hook up multiple amps cause i want to run 3 amps cause I have 2 12" audiobahns RMS 1100 and max 2200 per speaker so what I was going to do is get two, 2 channel amps at about 1200-1800 watts per amp plus the amp for my mids and highs so I need some help if you guys could help me out that would be great and if you can let me in on a way to do this without getting rid of the alternator that would be great like putting some caps in just let me know aight thanks a lot

That was the longest single run-on sentence ever posted.

...and I still don't know what your question is.

To hook up more than one amplifier just get a 3-way amplifier preout at ur local stereo shop and run a 4 or 2 gauge power wire from ur car battery to the preout then take 3 seprate 4 gauge wires and hook em up the other end of the preout.All u have to do after that is hook each 4 gauge wire to the amp and be sure to ground them.Just to be safe with the alternator I would get a 1000 watt cap for each amp and I would go get a Optima battery that way u dont have to worry about ur alternator dying.
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