Just how good are Alpine Speakers ???


Alpine CDA-7894
i have in the front a pair of 6'' 180 watt pioneer speakers (the ones that are blue an have the swivel tweeter) and i'm thinking of changing it for the Alpine SPS-170A wich i beleve are 200 watts and in the back i have a pair of 6x9 250 pioneer speakers which are going to be replaced by the Alpine SPS-690A which are 250 watts as well.

This is all powerd by a Alpine Flex 5 (5 Channels)

Will i notice the difference in sound quality, or should i stick with what i got?

any tips are shurely apreciated !!!

The Alpine drivers are much cleaner drivers, the build precision in the motor assembly of an Alpine speaker is very difficult to beat.

Honestly, it probably won't be a huge difference if both are mounted the same way and sent the same signals unless the existing Pioneers are beginning to fail. See if you can find a stereo shop with a demo room that carries the new Pioneer speakers and the Alpines you are interested in so you can listen to them side by side. You'll see that the vocals are more defined on the Alpines and the highs are much more crisp...but will you really notice in a car on the highway? Probably not...

I'd stick with what you have until they break unless you just want to go with Alpines.
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