Worthless fvking thieves....


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Well, I work at a Pawn and Car Audio shop, so we get people coming through looking for item what were stolen from them from time to time.

So, this morning a woman came in and said her house was broken into. Ok...not uncommon, but she live 1 block from my house! Fvk. And she is not the only one around here that has been broken into.

Up at the shop, we have a good relationship w/ local police. They give us the heads up on stolen stuff, we help em nail the fvkers when we can. One of the local cops came in and said there were some break-ins around my house in the last 2 weeks. Its a group of minors doing it...they have names, but have to pretty much catch em in the act.

So...back to the woman that came in. I talked to her for alil bit about what was stolen, figured out her house was 1 block from mine. I said, "well, looks like my roommates need to stop leaving their bikes on the front porch. And I have to put some of my stuff in the back".

~2hrs later my roommate calls, her bike was stolen. fvkin thieves.
The found the bike, the tire was flat and the lil fvkers threw it in a ditch.

Sh1t is about the hit the fan around here.

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Sucks man. They are every where. I went on vacation only to come home to find out all of my families cars including mine had been ciphened (sp?)

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Damn, that sucks. Stuff like that makes me super paranoid.

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damn that sux man.

but girl roommates ftw.

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I know you got a gun, USE IT! I will hehe.


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What is really sad...these fvkers stole some guns. One gun they took was a .38Special, and they are just the type of fvking retards that will end up shooting someone for no reason.

I hope they are ended.
the more painful the better.

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Oh, and yes I have a Remington 11/87 Premier right next to my bed.

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Yepers. I am going to try and get my hands on an AR-15 or M4 Carbine. M-16 30 round mags fit them, and my buddy has ALOT of em hehe.

Shoot em an email Canaan, I want to ask you about the Alpha 10.


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The ones who steal for money are one kind of scum.

The ones who steal out of shear boredom look up to those who steal for money.

The ones who destroy what they can't steal out of frustration need to be dealt with like they just azz rAped Marcellus Wallace.


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speaking of gas, where can I buy a gas cap lock or whatever to prevent being ciphyned?

oh and, I didn't do it :-)

anyone know what hand gun it is that fires buck shots? darringer I thought...I'm not sure though.

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you can get a cap lock at wal-mart/auto zone/napa. as for the gun I don't remember off the top of my head but I know the guy up he street from me is selling one.

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yeah my dad owns his own excavating company and on of his truck just got 2 demo saws=$2000 hammer drill=$400 two cordless dewalts=$600 and a dewalt sawzall=$200 stolen off of it then my company the cleves water works two blocks away from my dads place got about $6000 in fitting stolen for scrap the same night it is getting bad anymore

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*siphoned* would be the correct spelling. *syphoned* may also be acceptable i'm not sure.
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