I need help!!


Hey guys,
I am new to this car audio stuff. I have 2 polk subs. 175rms and 400max at 4ohms and dvc. I don't know what kind of amp i need: 2-channel, mono. I don't know what my ohms are: 2ohms or 4ohms. so I don't know what power rating on the amps to look at: 4ohms or 2ohms. Please help....

I assume that your speakers are dual voice coil (DVC) and rated at 4 ohms per coil. This is pretty typical but by no means absolute. Each speaker has two voice coils on it...with two separate sets of inputs. Your wiring options are wide but here's what I'd suggest:

On each speaker, wire the + terminals together with a short piece of wire. Do the same thing to the the - terminals. If each voice coil is 4-ohm, wiring them in parallel like this means you have a single 2-ohm load for the speaker. Do this to both speakers.

Now what you need is an amp that can power two 2-ohm woofers, your options are far and wide. Pretty much every 2-channel amp is stable at 2-ohm stereo which will work for you. You can also wire the two woofers together and have a 4-ohm load for a mono amp, or you can wire it differently and have a 1-ohm load for a Class D or high current mono amp.

All depends on how much you want to spend and the specifics of your speakers. Polk is awesome stuff, they don't need monster power to make monster sound...but they 'aint skeered' of big juice either. What's your price range and preferred brand?

i got about 200 or so to spend right now...so, i'm not sure what i can get with that. I like audiobahn and rockford...which would you suggest?

$200 is enough to get you a nice amp. since you have 2 polk subs that are rated at 175 rms each, you'll want an amp that puts out about 350 rms. go to discountsjungle.com and take a look at the alpine mrp-m350. its output is very clean and has a very smooth clipping (that's if you can get it to clip in the first place). it has very low thd and i use this amp for many sq applications.

Thanks guys for all your help.

the M350 is a super deal on an amp...and you'll have Alpine class baby!
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