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Hi, i have 2 Alpine 757 amps and i was wondering how to wire them up to the battery. I already have the first one hooked up with a 4 guage monster cable kit. for the second one, do i need to run a second 4 guage wire to the amp? or can i get a dist. block and run 8 guages to each of the amps? will i lose a lot of power? also, is there a difference between, for example, a monster cable wiring kit that costs 130 dollars and a no-name brand on ebay that costs 40 dollars? thank you

get a dist block, no need for a second power cable. Typically, you would want to run 2-ga back from the batt for multiple high-power amps but 4-ga should work.

The better brands (more costly) are sometimes better because they are more flexible, thicker insulation, have lower oxygen content pure copper conductors, and have more (and finer) strands. The cheap kits on Ebay are usually 8-ga and have cheap RCA cables.

Is there a difference in function for the power cable? nope..just the 'cool' factor and easier to run the cable because it's more flexible. I sometimes use welding cable which is about .50/foot for 2-ga (less than half the price of brand name.)

Get a dist block and some 8-ga cable to feed your amps. Try to keep the 8-ga cable length as short as possible while still looking right and make sure all the connections are clean and TIGHT.
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