Dual Voice Coils and connecting them...


Brian Garcia
Is it a sin to wire these in series bridged? Assuming both coils are wired as such:
amp pos, to 1st coil pos
amp neg, to 2nd coil neg
1st coil neg, to 2nd coil pos
The amp would then be 4?, each coil rated at 2?. Is this a bad thing? Is it true on should question the instability of this set-up?

The other option is to wire each voice coil left and right with mono output. I don't like the rated power at 8?.


Brian Garcia
I C, it doesn't let you type in ohm symbols.

....amp would be at 4 ohms, each coil rated at 2 ohms.

...like the rated power at 8 ohms.

thats how it should have read

whatever the sub's ohm rating is, it gets doubled when you wire it in series. if it's a dual 4 ohm, you'll end up with 8 ohms. if the amp is stable down to 4 ohms bridged, then this wiring setup would be stable. but your sub won't pound as hard because you're doubling the resistance. if you're only planning to run a single 4 ohm sub, then just hook up all the + and - coils to each channel of the amp. the + and - of the left channel go to the first voice coil, while the + and - of the right channel go to the second voice coil. this would be the best way to hook up that sub.
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