Best Amp for Two(2) Type R 12's


What is the best and the cheapest amp for Two Alpine Type R 12's?
I was thinking RF.

go to and check out the rockford fosgate punch 500s. it puts out 500 watts rms but probably puts out even more since rockford under rates their amps. the best part is that it costs less than $200.

But that would only give each sub 250wrms.

actually it would give each sub more than 250 since rockford amps put out between 50-100 watts extra than they claim. it would be more like 280-300 watts to each sub. i've hooked one of these up to a pair of L5 solobarics, which can handle 600 rms watts each. this amp pushed them really well so i'm sure that it would have no problem with those type r's.

This is the list of Amps I was looking at to power them:
750x 375x2 @4ohms
750s 375x2 @2ohms
601s 300x2 @2ohms
700s 350x2 @2ohms
700x 350x2 @4ohms
801s 400x2 @2ohms
801x 400x2 @4ohms
All RF Amps in no particular order.
What one do you think is best from the Amps listed above??

i have the 801s and it's personally my favorite rockford amp in the punch series. i was able to hit 152db in a competition with this amp. the incredible thing is that i only had the gains turned up halfway. it never gets hot and it pounds the living daylight out of any subs. even though it claims to only put out 400x2, this amp actually puts out 450x2 @2ohms (i had it tested). it might be a little too much for a pair of type r's though. the 601s would be more optimal for your subs. you'd still have power to spare with it.

I've had other people say go with the 801s aswell. so i'm going to go with it and just turn the gains down. Thanx alot for all of your help. It helped me out alot. Thanx again.

RF 1000bd
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