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What amp and how would I connect an amp to 2 10" Kicker compVR. How should i wire it if this is even reasonable? I dont kno much but it looks like I could use the KX800.4 kicker amp, bridge it and i'd be gettin 400 x 2 @ 4ohm. Would this be fine and how do i bridge it (as in wiring). Also if I did this would i need the 4ohm or 2ohm speakers. Just show me the light. Thanks Clint

anthony jhonson
well it sounds like you need a good mono amp for some nice spl and you would connect it from the back of your head unit with rca leads to yr amp then bridge your sub andconnect up your power what is your price range and for better results use a farad capacitor for bacck up power .and seems your runnin with kicker use it all the way. and you could even use 2 amps i hope this helps. andthe amp should show you how to bridge.
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