New sony mono amps good or bad


I can get the new sony xm-D1000P5 thats rated at 500x1 into 4ohms and 900x1 into 2ohms for 140 dollars what do you guys think about the amp is it a steal for the price or should I look for something else

Steven Rhodes
Thats the same amp i plan on putting in my camaro to power the 2 12" Sony P5 subs im gonna get. Be honest with you, ive never had any trouble with sony and every website i go to has good reviews from people that own that amp. Id go with it.

How do i go about hooking up 3 subs to one amp?? The subs are 10" type R's and i haven't gotten the amp yet, i'm waiting to see if i can hook the 3 subs up to one amp, and if i can what power amp i should get. HELP!

The Good Guy
Haha listen man save yourself the money Sony is horrible...on a budget and need a good Monoblock amp for a sub...go Rockford they are all underrated and frickin nice for the price...for component speakers run up with Kenwood, rockford will give u a weird sound on components if the gain is up too high...thats only if u need to save $$$
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