Porting and tuning calculator- who needs one?


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I was just wondering if anyone one here needs one? I'm making a javascript port calculator right now so it will be internet friendly and open to everyone.

I have the slot port functions working so far, as well as multiple ports. I'm working on getting round ports going, and lastly aero-ports. I know round is the radius*pi, but I can't find anything on flared (namely aero) ports. Any help would be great.

Again, if anyone on here could benefit from an ACCURATE calculator that has consistant results, let me know- and what you guys think something like this would sell for to a business. I know there are several out there, none that offer sure results, and this one will be very user friendly. Thanks.

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I would love to see one that was acurate and had options for more that just SLOT ports and such. Will this do cutsheets and such like subwoofertools?

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No, I wasn't really looking to do anything that complicated to give cut sheets. That sort of thing I don't mind doing, but this will let people see with ease how long and how big to make their ports (or how many aeros) they will need to get the right tuning and port area. There are several I've used where it gives you different results if you interchange the width with the height of the port. Obviously if the port is 10x9 or 9x10 wont make a difference- so there is something wrong with their math. Also a lot of people are able to get aeros, but post questions like- 'how many should I use?' - where this will answer that question for anyone with any sense at all. If someone needs a cut sheet I can do that no problem, but doing the math on boxes takes time (and this will save lots of that I hope).

Also I'd like to see if I can't make a few bucks selling this to a few people I think it would really help.

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The options will allow the user to enter port height and width on a slot, the size of a round, or the size of an aero. Then the number of ports, and lastly what length they hope to make the port(s). The result will give the accurate port area, and the tuning frequency. I will not recommend to people port area or box size though- since that will very greatly by the driver.

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yeah when u get it up send me a link

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No problem. It's just for fun in my spare time, so it will be a few days, but does anyone have anything they'd really like to see in it? Hope to make it as good as possible so any thoughts will be great.

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looking forward to this troy....good to see it able to do aeros as well....post the link to us all when all done troy

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You got it ;)
I'm searching for the area of aeros since it seems many people are just stabbing in the dark with them. I've searched google multiple times for info on them, but I can't find anything on the actual area (2,4,6, etc). If anyone knows the formula for them or a site that says what the port area of them is please throw up a link- 'cause I can't find anything.

I'll post it up when it's all finished, I'd love to start up a real no-bs audio site that people can exchange facts and experience more than opinions. O/T shi+s fine, but I know how much trouble I've had searching different sites for vehicle specific info in the past (while installers can access it easily, the general public can not). Pictures go so much further than words too.

I'm a bit backwards- I had it so you could enter the length of the port and it would tell you the resulting tuning, but I'm debating if I should redo it the other way. Oh well, I've got time to do it right, it's just a free-time thing for now.

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Souds like a great idea Troy. And if you need any help with some of the web design part if you want to make a no-bs site, hit me up.

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Well, I don't know if this will be helpful to your project or not:


There's alot of interesting linking for aero ports and stuff and there is even a PDF File for a Aero Port Users Manual with the math for aero port calculation on page 4.

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I can vouch for Nick V. He has some skills no doubt.

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Thanks Phil, that one got bookmarked.
A cool feature for the port calc would be having the port's(') displacement calculated, with the option of MDF ports using walls of the enclosure as port walls. Using BB6P I always have to lock the port displacement and calculate it manually. Having a separate calculator that would give me the displacement without using the windows calculator would be dope.
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