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hey Wsup guys i need hlp ASAP with this installation. I'm having a POP sound coming from speakers when i turn off my head unit and also when volume is at 0, i can hear like a lil whine coming from the speakers, please tell me what's the problem.
I've changed all RCAs
Changed all grounds
Changed ground of HU
Checked Remote

Another thing is that i put a tester in the remote of the A/B (kicker kx 800.4) and it made like a lil POP everytime i put the tester, so please i need help ASAP.

HELP to your DR buddy

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try grounding the amp case. Disconnect the rca's. does it still pop? if so its in the amps circuit. Are the amps grounded to the same ground? they should if theres 2 amps to elimnate ground loop.

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This could be due to "engine whine" which is caused by running your signal wires(rca's from head unit, or the speaker wires running from your amp to your speakers) to close to power wires. Make sure that while relocating your amp that you didn't do that anywhere along the line. Also double check your ground, make sure that it has solid contact to the frame or a body panel that is solidly connected to the frame(floor pan is usually good place) make sure that it is clean and that there is no rust present where your ground is located. if you installed a new amp, make sure that the ground wire your using is large enough to flow the current. A bad or insufficent ground can also cause a whine as well as making your amp work harder and heat up more.... i just googled a tad and stole if from someone here.........http://www.corral.net/forums/showthread.php?t=832379 i don't know if this helps or not. hehe its something to try possibly.

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ok mine is doing the same thing so i am finally giveing up and next week taking it to the shop i know they well fix it and show me how to fix it since they know i am about to start school for this stuff

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call 911

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Wow kinda dumb zpeedy.

Still trying, let's see how it goes at the end of the day

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the pop comes from electricity being induced into wires. its just like how an ignition coil works. and the reason it happens when you shut it off is because in order to induce electricity into wires you have to collapse the magnetic field that is surrounding a live wire.. the way to collapse that field is to stop giving it power.. so when you stop giving one wire power it collapses its magnetic field and induces electricity into another wire... so kinda like derek said, make sure non of your wires are near any main power wires. also it may be a flaw in the amp itsself and a wire was misplaced to a place too near to another wire..
my advice is to take a VOM and test all the main power wires and see if there is a surge in each wire when shutting off the amp. it may take a while but you might find it..
but the safest way to do it is to take it to a shop and have them do it.. but make sure they dont try to b.s you and make you buy all new equipment..
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