2 12's Polk/Momo MM124 | NEED A GOOD AMP


i have 2-12" polk/momo mm124's 500watts each plus 2-polk ex368 6"x8" which are 190watts an for the receiver i got a kenwood kdc-519 which thats 50x4watts.. im lookin for a good quality amp that can power all of this. i would rather have 1 amp thats around 2000watts or so cuz its always good to have little more then u actually need. but i want quality an i know alpine an jl are good. so if u guys got an ideal amp that would be great. thnx

If you are goin gto be running to momo 12s then i would run the mtx thunder1501d or something with that amount of power becuz i run that amp to two(2) mm10's with the plexiglass enclosure and the sound is awesome. however with that amp you need to upgrade your wiring system with 1/0 gauge power wire and other things. It will cost you to run a big amp but it will be well worth the money in the end.

what about [JL Audio 500/5 Amp] sense the mm124's are 2 voice coil an they are 500watts RMS an 1000 peak is there a way i can hook it up so i can use like 2 of the 5 for each speaker then for the 1 left just use that for the 6x8s? also i herd nick that if you use a smaller sealed box for them polk momos theyd sound alot better than it would be in a ported box.. not sure cause i havnt herd them both but it was just something i read.

I work at Circuit City and the momos with the plexiglass box sound more efficient, if you use your own box you can get a deeper bass hit(from what i heard). I have 2 mm10s and i am extremely pleased and i am running the 1501d to both of them. The power is insane becuz you do not want to underpower these subs, i have seen tons of them com eback blown becuz people underpower them. You just need to run 1/0 gauge power wire and a 150amp fuse, so you definitely will need an optima battery also. that is if you want your stuff to sound the way it should.

so the 1501d would be an ideal amp for the 2 12s an 6x8 an there peaks or should i get the mtx and a aditional amp?? an i was wonderin what are ohms? ive seen 2 ohms an 4ohms around was wonderin what they are an which is better higher or lower.

How do i go about hooking up 3 subs to one amp?? The subs are 10" type R's and i haven't gotten the amp yet, i'm waiting to see if i can hook the 3 subs up to one amp, and if i can what power amp i should get. HELP!
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