Using my car's power amp to drive my MP3 player?


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I live in an iffy neighborhood, and someone recently borrowed my car stereo in the middle of the night. However, they weren't smart enough to notice the RCA cables that said "there's a power amp in here.". Instead of getting a new stereo that will probably get stolen too, I thought I'd just use the poweramp to drive the output of an MP3 player. But when I tried that, no sound appeared; something I'm attributing to the remote wire from the power amp not having anywhere to go. Am I correct in this assesment? Any ideas how to remedy this? If I'm completely wrong, can someone slap some sense into me?

Thanks in advance!

well if they borrowed it go get it back. lol i'm kidding thought that may help cheer you up. But if i was you I would just get another stereo. and at night take the face plate off and another good thing to invest in would be a good alarm system.
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