First or worst install!


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Describe or post the worst install you have seen or done.

My worst was actually my first. I had no money so I went to the swap-meet and got me

2-12" pyrimid subs
4-8" radio shack woofers...they were not good enough to be (Sub)woofers
2-4" mids for the doors, don't have a clue what brand
2-radio shack tweeters
Swap meet special deck...not worthy to be called a HU

And best of all, all powered by 1 radio shack 40w booster with on/off switch. I mounted it in the glove box and it would get so hot I would have to put it in the air conditioner vent to cool it down.

That is definitely the worst I have seen. As for sound, it was cheep so it was good enough at the time.

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chillin at an audio shop one time and this dude rolls in in some like late 70s cadillac sedan deville fleetwood (about the size of the average ocean-going vessel ahah) and asked for some speaker wire so he could wire up his computer speakers in his car bc his 2 no-name 15" subs were too loud....his HU was held in with a t-shirt

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a saw a "wall" of Dual bandpass boxes in an f-150 ex-cab...


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errr, I saw a "wall"...
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