Cooling ur system


If any of u guys have been to the NOPI show or any stereo competition events, u may have noticed that some of the systems have coolant running through the subs and amp. Does anyone know how they do this, what do they use, cost, etc.

The cooler you keep your amp, the more efficient it is. Amps come with a finned heat sink, those with liquid cooling replace this aluminum part with a plate that is cooled with liquid...typically pumping ice water out of a reserve tank hidden somewhere.

There is no kit that does this, it's all hand made. To do this you just have to get the heat-producing components of the amp to radiate into a liquid cooled medium instead of a convection-cooled medium (the heatsink.)

for a step-by-step, build sheet, and photos of how to do this to a Linear Power 8002...break out the checkbook buddy *laffs*
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