Amp shuts off after a few seconds. Whats the problem


I have an eclipse 3242 amp that I just bought. The amp turns on for about a second, then shuts off. I do not know what the problem is. I checked the wires and everything seems ok. I have another amp hooked up off the same distributiuon block, and that one works fine. The fuses on the amp are fine. It does power up, but turns off quickly. Any ideas??

Sounds like a short to me. Check to see if there is any copper speaker cable debris on the binding posts. It could also be a problem with the power supply.

if the product is ok ive had this one happen to me was a bad or weak ground on the big amp...and the smaller one would stay on ...try a thicker gauge ground wire or different ground source....

How do i go about hooking up 3 subs to one amp?? The subs are 10" type R's and i haven't gotten the amp yet, i'm waiting to see if i can hook the 3 subs up to one amp, and if i can what power amp i should get. HELP!
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