Which amp should I buy for my subs?



I'm VERY new to car audio. I just decided to buy 2 Alpine SWE-1241 12" subs. I heard these at Circut City, and was blown away with their power. Thing is, it says their RMS is only 200W, and I don't see how that could possibly be. I remember them saying they could push a lot more than what the amp they were using was powering them with. I just don't see how 200W per speaker could rattle the outside walls of Circut City. It says it's max power is 600W. So what kind of amp should I get for these two? How much wattage will make the speakers as powerful as they were in the store, without having to worry about blowing them? What would you guys recommend to me? I don't have a lot of cash, so whatever can get the job done. Thanks,


Alpine makes very efficient subs, you don't need much power to get big sound. If you think that 200 watts is measley, think again. I don't care what manufacturers today are advertising their amps to produce, very few are accurate. If you are looking to slam your 12" subs on little $$, watch Ebay and find an Alpine 3543. This amp is rated at 100w per channel but I had one of these amps driving four Savard 15" subs and hit 148db. I assure you I would have rattled the outside walls of Circuit city with 200 watts total power...I sure set off car alarms all around me! Check out www.justamps.com to get low prices on new stuff..

man you need a rock ford fosgate 1000 watt amp with 2 channels. Man it wiil sound hella good and belive me you wont regret all the money you spent. then you will have lots of power left to add more speakers with out buying another amp. think about it.



I don't know too much about car audio and I just wanted a little help. I purchased 3 M.A audio 10" triple bass subs in a sealed box off the internet. There said to be 1000 peak and running on 4 ohms. There only one output in the back so I know I need no more than a 2-channel amp. I was just wondering what kind of subs I would need to power the subs without blowing them and spending too much. Thanks,


I am buying a 12 inch solobaric L7 with a sealed enclosure. it runs at 750 watts RMS, i also am buying a pair of infinity kappa 6x9 2ways that run at 110 watts RMS, and a pair of infinity kappa 6.5 inch 2 ways that run at 75 watts rms. I know some about the car audio industry, but i don't know what kind of amp to buy for my system to run to it's full potential. I don't understand the whole 5 channel or 4 channel thing on amps, could someone please help me out and fill me in a little on that stuff.
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