Building an RCA Input for Your OEM Radio


Okay, I hope somebody is an expert out there and can help me with this...I'm trying to make my own RCA Input Converter for my factory OEM radio. I've seen them advertised on the Internet for $50 to $70. I usually like to build things myself so I'm tackling this--

I have the 14 pin harness that will connect to my factor radio where the optional CD changer would connect. The other end needs to hook into RCA input cables. What I need to know is if RCA Input plugs need to be powered in order to drive sound. Specifically, do I need to hook up the power wires +12volt Ignition Wire, -12Volt Ground, & +12volt battery wire to the RCA Input Cable. Does Anyone now how to do this? OR do I only need to worry about hooking the rca input cable to the sound wires (i.e. Left Front Positive, Left Front negative to RCA Left Input))?

Greatly Appreciate Any Suggestions

"What I need to know is if RCA Input plugs need to be powered in order to drive sound."

RCA inpug plugs (preamp) are just like any other speaker output or input except they are only one half of one watt (0.5 watts). The voltage carrying the signal can vary from 1-8V but the signal is half a watt.

This is one of those devices that you are well advised to go ahead and purchase. Plowing the wrong type of signal through a preamp input can destroy your radio. Don't forget that you're assuming that the factory CD changer fed a preamp-spec signal over the DIN cable which is not necessarly the case.
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