How to build a speaker box for my 3 15's


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i have been searchin and searchin for what i need to build my own speaker box...i know i need 3/4 mdf wood. but i have read to use nails and silicone for sealant and then i have read to not use nails use screws and not to you silicone use liquid nail.. please can somebody tell me everything i need to build me a speaker box that is goin to be the right way

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wood screws and liquid nails. Liquid Nails makes a really strong glue, and then u can use silicone in the corners to insure its air tight.
Other than that u jus need the tools to cut and drill.

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okay kool thanks, what kinda tools do i need.. i know a drill but what about for cuttin out the hole?

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Jig saw for the hole. I know you don't have a router so I won't even suggest it. Table saw for the main cuts but a circular saw will work fine as long as you're steady with your hands and can see a line. I believe in cordless drills, (I have 16), predrill all your holes and counter sink. Just about any wood glue will do. I use Titebond. Clamps are a luxury if you have them, otherwise trust the screws to hold the wood together until the glue dries. Measure twice, cut once. Have fun.

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hah paul in tech ed we leatned measure twice cut once lol i already kne wit but he was telign us that.

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