I guess im gold now


Silver Member
Username: Loudon

Post Number: 1000
Registered: Jun-04
ive been here for almost 3 years .. finnally gold ... go figure

Silver Member
Username: Reppinqc

Charlotte, NC USA

Post Number: 289
Registered: Jan-07
it says your a silver member tho? lol

Silver Member
Username: The_image_dynamic

San Diego

Post Number: 992
Registered: Dec-06
It turns gold after he posts his 1001. Congrats Mikey!

Gold Member
Username: Wingmanalive

A pic is worth 1000 posts!!

Post Number: 6009
Registered: Jun-06
^^^Close yourself.

Gold Member
Username: Loudon

Post Number: 1001
Registered: Jun-04
word ... gold :-)

Gold Member
Username: Denali_on_22s

Hit you in the chest m...

Post Number: 2221
Registered: Feb-06

Platinum Member
Username: Glasswolf

Wisteria, Lane USA

Post Number: 12016
Registered: Dec-03

Gold Member
Username: Johnfiac

A-ToWn, 152-153db Da... My wangers b...

Post Number: 2511
Registered: Mar-06
Congrats... now wait until you go platinum :p

Gold Member
Username: Loudon

Post Number: 1004
Registered: Jun-04
never gonna happen ... ive been here prolly longer then 95 percent of the people i just got a thousand ... i dont usually post cuz most of the threads are pontless ... but theres alot of smart people on here now ...

Silver Member
Username: Splmonster

C-Town, OH USA

Post Number: 864
Registered: May-06
^^^ lol i feel tha same way hahhaa cept i havent even got to 1000 yet lol

Silver Member
Username: Jkidder

Spring hill, Florida Usa

Post Number: 466
Registered: Nov-05
yep. congrats man. i didnt post for the first 6 months i was on here. lol ive been here 2 yrs now. this is mah homepage on firefox haha

Silver Member
Username: Dakangofkrunk16


Post Number: 899
Registered: Mar-07
i posted on here the 1st day i came on here and i started a Forum war me against eva one u prolly all remember sht atleast i didnt think a sony or audiobahn was the sht lol https://www.ecoustics.com/electronics/forum/car-audio/337998.html

But now im on here alot sumtimes all nite tryin to help others out like u all helped me

Silver Member
Username: Jkidder

Spring hill, Florida Usa

Post Number: 470
Registered: Nov-05
i def remember that thread lmao crazy guy
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