Who can spot the weasel? smoked car amp


Hay fellow audiophiles! I recently bought a phoenix gold car amp. I got a guy who works at future shop to run the wiring. When we were almost finished we hooked up the ground cable and the amp started to smoke. We opened it up and the (mosfit?) chip was charred. Buddy installing the wire said it was already wrecked from the previous owner clipping the amp and improper cooling.Can anyone tell me if this sounds logical or is the guy that ran the wire just not wanting to look bad?

Maybe I missed something in your letter, but I don't understand why he hooked up the ground wire to the unit.....after installing the power wire and providing power to the unit (I'm pretty sure that is a big no no). I was taught you should always keep the fuzes pulled until after everything is wired, hooked up and double checked. I would inspect the power wire and remote wire to ensure nothing is grounded (panel screws penetrating wires is very common).


Mosfet chips do burn, and i dont think it was the wires itself, if it was a fused link like it should be then the fuse should have blown before an amplifier would be damaged. I think you purchased a dud personally.

The ground must ALWAYS be hooked up first. The protection circuits in amplifiers depend on the ground wire to function. Your buddy fried your amp, he should study a little before opening a shop. We have all made that mistake...once...and not with other people's stuff. It's also advisable to put a very small fuse (like 1amp or 2amps) on the power wire before you try to use it just to be safe. If the fuse pops before you send signal to it, something's wrong and it won't be your amp yet.

id blame ur m8.
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