SO CONFUSED!! HOok up 2, 12" alpine type R


Ok I've read many posting but I'm still very confused. Hope somebody can help me out. I got two alpine Type R 12" at home each sub is a 4ohm-4ohms enclosed in a qlogic box. Each sub is hooked up so that it is at 2ohms each. I'm looking at buy the alpine f540 which is rated at 80 RMSx4 @ 40 ohms, 100 RMS x 4 @ 2 ohms, and 200 x 2. Does that mean that since each of my sub is 2 ohms, I can stick each sub into one of the channel of the amp and get 200 RMS per sub or would putting each sub into each channel change my sub's ohms to 1 ohms... please can anybody help me out. thanks

sorry to tell you but that amp wouldn't push both of those subs nearly as much as they could take. I would personaly get a new amp. Also how your discribeing it is that you have a 4 channel amp, if i understand correctly, and a 4 channel amp is ment for pushing component speakers like side door speakers. write me back if you have any more questions
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