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So who pays attention to college football and feels that the BCS has once again set itself up for a boring championship game. I honestly think Michigan should have its rematch as it only lost to OSU by 3pts while Florida has struggle to really dominate Ten or the gamecocks. Well I think the Jan.1 game will be much better than the Jan. 8th game.

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I'm a big michigan fan but they got screwed - their # came up to be screwed by the BCS. Yeah Florida had a tough schedule and did pretty good but Michigan only lost to the best team in the country in their home field by 3 pts. BCS only works when there are 2 undefeated teams (with difficult schedules) in the country otherwise someone always seems to catch the short end. Apparently a big factor against voting Michigan into the national championship is that people want to see someone else play Ohio State because Michigan had their chance. Now I'm a big OSU fan because I want to see Florida get whooped to prove to everyone that Michigan should have been there.

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well i won't go to far as to say I am a OSU fan but i hope its a blowout so that the BCS and Florida think that neither is a good as hoped. I think since 2000 there has been controversy with who plays who and it always turns out for a bad bowl game. yeah Michigan had its chance but 3pts lose away to the #1 team. Didnt Florida barely scrape by Ten. by 1pt and same with South carolina which 17 and the other out of the top 25, and didn't they lose to #10 Auburn. I hope even though he's from NC where I am now that Leak fails miserably and then everyone questions the BCS and how its done. They need to make it that the winners of the top 6 bowl games play knockoff rounds and with 3 remaining the top seeded team remianing gets a bye and the other 2 play to see who plays the top seed.

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Plain and simple you can't blame Florida for a broken system like the BCS. I'm a huge Auburn fan I do blame Choklahomo for wasting their spot in the championship game Auburn would have won convincingly but even more so I blame the crooks behind the BCS that primarily have ties to the Big 12 primarily Choklahomo.
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