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I am looking for an amp to power 2 different subs (400 watt RMS at 4 ohms each) in parallel for a total of 800 WATT RMS AT 4 OHMS. I am aware that when I wire them in parallel the resistance reduces to 2 ohms (1/R1 + 1/R2 = 1/R). So now I am looking for an amp to power the complete RMS power for the subs. My question is: When I am looking for an amp should I look for one that can push (RMS) 400 watts at 2 ohm, 800 watts at 2 ohm, or 1600 watts at 2 ohm. From what I know I think it should be 1600 watt RMS at 2 ohm, but I am not completely sure.

Does no one no the answer to this question?

Are the subs going to be in the same box?
If so then you would want a 800wrms x2 Amp.
if there in two different boxes you would want two different amps. 400 rms x2.

i actually think a mono amp that puts out 1600 watts rms is a good bet if your subs can handle it. make sure those subs can handle at least 800 watts rms each. two channel amps are good too, but i'd rather go for a class d mono amp because they sure are power efficient. that's my opinion.

800 watts rms each... whew.... they actually only handle 400 watt rms. By the sounds of it teflon you seem to think that for 400 rms X 2 at 4 ohms hooked to a mono amp in parallel would only need to put out 800 watts at 2 ohm to deliver the 400 watt RMS to each 4 ohm sub.

By the way teflon, that is kick azz that you belp everyone out on here
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