HELP IM CLUELESS! experts please


I just got 2 12" audiobahn1200q 700 watts rms each
i need an amp im looking at rockford 700s series
i want to put 700 watts to each
but what does this mean
175 watts RMS x 2 at 4 ohms
350 watts RMS x 2 at 2 ohms
700 watts RMS x 1 at 4 ohms in bridged mode
if its in bridged mode does it put 700 to each sub or 350 to each and it says at 4 ohms but i believe the speakers are 2 ohms so would this amp work if not what other amps are there i can get for this system
thanks for the help

If you bridge it you would run 700W to one speaker, and couldn't run the other without another amp. If they are 2 ohm speakers you would be able to get 350W to each.

Without spending TONS of money, it's difficult to find an smp that will run 700W to each of 2 speakers, but I suppose it could be done, you just have to look.

Something that you might want to check on: 12" subs usually don't require 700W, espically RMS. An amp that size would be considered a specialty item, and you would have to contact a company like Rockford to have one brought in specifically for you.

Also keep an eye out for the tested rating of the amps when buying them too. Higher end amps like the RF power series or kicker test higher than they say(e.g. my Kicker ZR600 tested at 810W, not 600W). You could find a market amp that would run like 575 over 2 channels and test a little higher, maybe 650...

ok well i got the audiobahn 1200q 700 watts rms
do u know of any amps that i could use to get 700 to each or even 600 i just got stuck cuz im an idiot and dont understand all this crap

Rockford Fosgate makes a Power 1050S that will run 525 x 2

HiFonics Zeus Z1000D has been nicely reviewed, but runs 700W x would need two of them to run that kind of power to each woofer.

Pheonix Gold makes a Ti1000.2 that would run 500W on 2 different channels at your 2 ohm need, but with their equipment you are about sure to get more power out of them than 1000 total W.

2 ksx 600.1 would be best
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