Sub hitting backwards!!!


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Hey, can anybody tell me whats going on with my sub.
Its a 15 inch 750 watt MTX Road Thunder Pro and when it hits, it goes in and makes a rattling noise(kind of sounds like something shorting out). Tried switching pos. and neg. wires around. But nothing, does anyone have any ideas or if it can even be fixed? Thanks

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weird.. check the phase on your amp.. sounds like its set to 180 degrees..

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sounds like its blown.

if you've changed the Pos and Neg around and no change, then the phase isn't an issus. even if its set to 180 degrees, swapping the wires will change it back.

if you push gently on the center of the cone, do you hear any scratching noise?? does the sub move outwards at all?? can you get ahold of a meter and check the VC resistance??

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how do u check the phase?

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when i push in the cone it sounds more like a popping noise. and it moves outward some but when it hits it goes inward.

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The cone makes a popping noise when you push it in?

It shouldn't make any noise.

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Phase can be checked several ways but the most common ways are:

Make sure that all positives are going to positive outputs, and all negative are going to negative outputs. Your best bet is to check for continuity with a DMM if you have any doubts.

Most shops use Accoustic phase tools to check, they usually require a specialized CD. Some are placed in front of the speaker and read the output, and some require an electrical connection, much like a DMM.

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if when u push the makes a noise...then u need a new sub
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