I need help hooking up two amps an audio pipe and a legacy


I have a audio pipe and a legacy hooked up in my car, but in order to get sound I have hooked up a toggle switch to the ground on the audio pipe. For some reason, the audio pipe will not work correctly, the amp comes on, but no sound comes out. But if you disconnect the ground and connect it again while the radio is still on you get sound. How do I get rid of the toggle switch? Is it the fact that I have two amps hooked up? or am I just finding a good enough ground?

I would guess that you need to find a better ground. I do not know your setup but I have had three amps running off of the same ground and never had an issue. Keep your ground wire as short as possible. Sand the metal by the ground so you get a great connection. Go with larger wire if in doubt.

Just a few pointers, hope it helps

mike c
i need help installing my two mtx amps please!

I was just wondering if you need a second power supply when you hook up 2 amps.

Buy an amp kit that supplies @ least an 8g wire, wire the inline fuse after the battery connector (50 amps) and run the wire inside the car. Buy a fuse block so that u can split power to how many amps u need. Buy a capacitor if u gonna push lots of bass. Have the shortest ground wire possible to your chassis & have separate grounds for each item. U shouldn't need a second power supply for a simple system. Good luck.

Travis Eicher
I NEEP HELP hooking up my amp its a kenwood ps its works fine in my car but wont hook up corectly in my truk it just wont work

i have an ultra linera power series amp. it was installed with a 8 gauge wire kit. i have just put a 4 gauge kit on it and with the 8 gauge i have more power. WHY?? i need to know why the 8 has more bass power then the 4?? please help!! the amp is 1200 watts

if i am hooking up two amps one for highs and one for lows do i have to use two grounds

dude e man
if you oversize wire it creates too much resistance

thus the drop in power

adam salazar
my amp cuts off and goes to protected.when ever i turn up the radio. its there a way i can make that stop.besides not turnin it up so loud.

hey dude e man--acutally no, bigger wires = less resistance. It was explained to me quite simply... electron flow is very similar to the flow of water. If you run larger pipes there is more room for the water to flow. when u run high end amps you could be pulling 40 or more amps- get the biggest wire u can afford to run. (By the way, lower gauge means bigger wire) I am 1 class away from a degree in microcomputer electronics, so i kno what i'm talken about.

i get a pop when i flick my stereo on. im only running 1 four channel amp to a 12inch sub and 2 6x9s, can any1 help. it only does it when u turn the stereo on or off. plz help me ive tried different rcas and checked the ground. oh and is it better 2 have 2 amps 1 to run the 6x9s and 1 to run the sub or is it not worth it. thanx in advance 4 any advice.

hi ,i am planning on putting a 600w,300w and 1400w watt amplifiers in my car would these need a back up power supply or could i use my existing battery .

Storm I used to have a jensen amp that did that. A lot of the cheap amps will make a pop when you first power on your stereo.

i hooked up my amp to my speakers and now whenever my truck revs up i hear a high pitched noise from all of my speakers what do i do ?

2000 FOCUS SE Wiring troubles (unknowledged, Please HELP???)
I have 2 Sony xplode AMPs, 1 is a 4Channel444wts, and the other a D-CLASS MONO1200wts Running 2 RF PUNCH HE2 12inch. The Base is OMG Kick A--!!! Well I bought this other amp knowing I would need Highs. So I replaced the Front factory speakers with some cheep 2 way w/tweeter Walmart right and Really Icant tell the difference besides the 4chn.amp puts too much to the new speakers. And I really dont get the highs That I need and it cuts into the base sound as well. I have it wired like this. power to Capacitor, Cap is Ground, Power from cap to both amps, Both amps Grounded to The same Ground as cap. This seems to be fine. Now Rca's to D-Mono1200 INPUT, Rca's From D-Mono1200 OUTPUT THROUGH to New 444 wts 4 channel amp. remote of course running through each amp. Now remember I only have 2 new 2 ways w tweet on them. So I bridged and ran to Front Speakers. Now It don't sound right I lose base when turning the new 4chn amp up, and the adjustments on the radio are gone.
#1. Can this be fixed? #2. How to wire 2 amps correctly to Keep my base, and add highs? #3. what type( 2way,3way, tweeters only+keep factory speekers???) of speekers do I need to get the Highs I need, and do I put some in the Back doors as well?

hey garrett, if you want to get rid of the high pitched noise (it's gain going from your engine to your rca's behind your radio), you need to get noise filters that go between your amp and your rca's.

How would i go about hooking up 2 amps? I have a one channel rockford fosgate amp. But what I want to know is do i need another amp to hook up my 2 12's or can i do it all with this one amp? If so, how would I go about hooking up 2 amplifiers?

for the second amp, you need to hook up the power and ground wires. for the rca's and remote wire, get a splitter.


I think your amps have plenty of power, your wiring description sounds spot-on.

Your problem lies in the signal wires (RCA's.) What you have is one pair (right and left) of RCA's running back to a sub amp then through the 'bypass' out to a bridged 4-channel amp. That's just not cool...

I'm assuming that you are using the crossovers built into the amps. Problem is that the high-pass filter on the 4-channel amp only functions on the front channels. If you are running it bridged to 2-channel, you can't use the internal filters.

You need an external electronic crossover to properly split the signal between the amps. This should fix all the problems you describe (and will make it sound better too.)

If you plan on only keeping the two subs and two highs, a 2-channel crossover is great. Here's a cheap example that works fine http://www.audio-warehouse.com/web/mdl/LXR4/detail.asp
Just run the RCA's from your radio back to this crossover, then a pair of RCA's out to each respective amp. Turn OFF all other filters on the amps..and rock.


a splitter is exactly what the name implies, it splits the signal to two different sources. for example, if you have only one set of rca's but you want to run two amps, you can hook the rca's to a splitter which has two outputs for two separate amps. this is how a splitter would look like; (going from left to right)
head unit---------->[splitter]<============amps

where would i look for a splitter at. Do you know a website where i can know how a spltner looks?

hey johnny, go to radio shack and ask them about Y-splitters for rca jacks. they'll answer all your questions. a splitter should cost no more than $5 there.

okay i need help. i have two questions to ask!! the first one is i just bought a new amp. so im going to hook up the new one with my old one so i get 1200 watts. how do i connect the new one?? and the second question is how do i hook up my neons in my car? can you help me out by telling me with wire to connect where?? and thats it.

Thank you


keyser soze
i have two profile california A200xl amps bridged to a 12'' woofer, when i first hooked them up everything was working fine, i unhooked, then set them back up again, and the power light flashes on, then the protection light stays on, if anyone can help me with this, you rock...

I was trying to hook up two amps in my truck but my radio only has a rca jack for one amp, what can i do to be able to hook up both amps?

Tall Can
Read the all the messages for all you stupied fucks who ask all the same questions!!!!!!!!!

Can I run a power wire from one amp to another?

I have one amp running already....i want to add a second.... do i have to run a whole new kit??? or what would i do??? would i need nething else...a power cap????? thanks

I have a problem. I just bought two 12" alpine type r's.. powered by a 2000 watt stretch daddy. I bought a top quality wiring kit and got everything wired correctly and I wired the cd players ground to the negative on the battery, and the fuse blew on the cd player but not the amp. I replaced the fuse and now when I wire up the amp to the battery the power wont come on... Why is that? This sucks to not have any thing work please help me .. Jared_0688@hotmail.com

Hi, my questions are not like other peoples. I want to connect 2 amps to one sub. Now I understand that I would need to get a power distributor for the power and gound, that is not a problem. But on my amp thier is inputs and outputs. Can I connect the reciver with rca's to the input of amp 1 and connect rca's from the output of amp 1 to the input of amp 2 and then connect the speaker wire from the terminals of amp 2 to the terminals on the box? Please do try and help me. Thank you.

ok i have an mtx blue thunder pro 150x2 and when i hook it up the lights come on but i get no sound what so ever. i had everything hook up...no blown fuses good wiring and messed with it for over an hour. i took it apart and didnt see any signs of it being blown. I REALLY NEED HELP i payed $150 for it from some kid and im pretty sure he ripped me off. he said it worked though.any ideas or suggestions?

send to NOTTOCYXO@HOTMAIL.COM not shorty8053.....

ok i have an mtx blue thunder pro 150x2 and when i hook it up the lights come on but i get no sound what so ever. i had everything hook up...no blown fuses good wiring and messed with it for over an hour. i took it apart and didnt see any signs of it being blown. I REALLY NEED HELP i payed $150 for it from some kid and im pretty sure he ripped me off. he said it worked though.any ideas or suggestions?

I have a problem... Im running 2 amps to my truck 1 is a rockford 801S and 1 is a 300 watt eclips 4 channel... the problem is when i hook just the elips up its fine but as soon as i hook up the rockford it eats up the fuse... Im thinking its a bad ground or the fuse is to small... if anyone has any sugestions PLEASE e mail me as soon as possable

i have a problem.I have a xplode,2 channel amp running a pair of 280 kenwood speakers.I have a custom made box with 12 a inch subbie.I want to run the box with another amp.I have a 4 channel sony headset.Can I run a set of rcas from the headset to a new amp(about to purchase),then to the box?.what can I do! Iam sick of mates thinking they know what to do..please help...email me azza@sunet.com.au


Why do I keep coming across posts where people like to mix brands and sizes of subs.You ever hear of something called symmetry?Here is one definition-Beauty as a result of balance or harmonious arrangement.I mean sure it will make noise if thats all your looking for,but it is very bad practice.Try to keep things the same ie. match subs with the same size and brand and match sub amps with the same kind of amp if your using more than just one.Things will look,work and most importantly SOUND better in the end and you will wont have as many problems in the future.

what are the advantages of used capacitors and how do i hook them up?

none, and backwards

Capacitors are used to make sure ur amp is gettin the power it needs.To hook up a cap just run the power wire from ur car battery to the cap and from the cap to the amp thats the general idea maybe someone else could give u more specific details.

Hey Garrett, there is two things that can cause that problem. Check the ground and make sure it is a good secure connection or make sure your RCA plugs only run across other wires and not along side of them. If so they will pick up engine noise from any power wire of the car.

what makes good sub boxes? is plexiglass good?

Seems like the majority of the posts I read are about subs and amps. Thats not what mobile audio is all about son. Stop spending your money on used amps and big subs. We laugh at people who concentrate on subs and bass and think they have the shiz-nit. Pulling up at a stop light or car wash, cracking it up and only hearing and feeling the bass is not what it's about. I can out jam most bass heads with my JL 3-way components. Save the bass for last, concentrate on buying some nice 2 or 3-way components for your front sound, invest in a gallon of "Quiet Car" and paint ALL the metal interior of your doors, (sound mats are past tense in my book) buy some speaker baffles from crutchfield, not only will that help with sound isolation but it will also protect your investment from the elements. Hook those comps up to a decent amp with good patch cables and you will have sound like you won't believe. Then and only then concentrate on your Sub. Remember a good sub in a junky enclosure will sound like Boo. A so-so sub in a tight enclosure will sound nice and tight. If you want to call me a liar or want some advice send me an email at GRUVENHAUS@AOL.COM.......



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