What do you think? JL Audio Or Infinity Kappa


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After doing my research i came down to chosing between one or the other. The two sets i am thinking of getting are the:

1) Jl Audio VR690 & Jl Audio VR650


Which would you guys think is a better set?
Thanks Ahead of time.

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JL or get CDT

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I'm guessing you mean the VR650-CSI, not the CXI since the infinity's are components and I wouldn't think you'd compare coax and component.

Both sets are good quality and will be fairly evenly matched on build quality and durrability. They will however have a fairly noticeable sound reproduction difference. We can give you all the advice in the world, but it's going to come down to which set sounds better to you. Make sure you get out and listen to both sets if at all possible becuase that'll be the most telling thing overall since both companies make good products.

If you're asking my personal opinion, I'm not a huge fan of Infinity's sound. They are very clean and clear, but I tend to find them a bit harsh, while the JL's tend to have a bit more balanced sound while still putting out clear highs. But that also has a lot to do with how you power them and you would be able to feed the Infinity speakers a bit more power in terms of RMS wattage. That not withstanding, I'd probably still go with the JLs myself and end up saving a little money depending on where you're getting them.

Also, just my opinion, but I don't see the advantage in spending that kind of money on rear speakers, espeicially 6x9s. If you wanted to stick with drop-ins then I might bump down to the refernce series or the equivilent JL product. If you're already planning on spending that kind of scratch you might want to look into a second set of comps and some adapter plates for the stock 6x9 locations. In general, and especially if you're planning on running subs, the front sound stage becomes much more important than the rear as far as I'm concerned.

Also, take note that the front Perfect comps you're looking at are 4 ohm and the rear Kappa 6x9s are 2 ohm and that could definately cause you some problems depending on how your planning on setting them up. Both JL sets are 4 ohm.

Here are links for anyone else who wants to add their thoughts:

Infinity Kappa Perfect 6.1 Comps
Infinity Kappa 693.7I


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The VR series IMo has the better tweet that JL offers, silk dome, but the midrange is not their best. The XR has the better mid, but anything from JL will be better than the Infinity. I had Infinity for less than a month in my car, subs and components all were not as good as people come to think. The CMMD tweet is horrible and the midrange will loose control on the mids quite fast at high volumes. The VR's will atleast stay controlled but they don't have the same presence as the XR's.
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