How to power an car amp using a computer power supply


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I have a computer power supply an amp and 2 10inch subs and i am trying to wire them up and use them does anyone know how.:-)

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i don't know if that'd work, but you just need 12-14 volts to the amp's + and - inputs and 12 to the REM input. i guess if you can find wires with thoes voltages comming out of the supply it'll work. don't know if you'll get the current the amp will need though.

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the yellow wires are 12v and the black is neg..

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you will have to watch the watage on the PSU it will trip in protect mode if its over the rated output... You will need at beefy psu like a pc power and cooling uniter 1K watt for say $800.. so good luck!

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hey what is the red wire. there is a yellow, 2 black and a red.


Yellow wire = 12V
Black = negetive
Red = ???

Thanks for the help:
josh mistic

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red is the one to shut it on and off as if you were gunna turn your key...the yellow is all time power..

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I tried hooking up my computer power supply to my stereo one time and kept getting errors like " your stereo has experienced an unexpected error and needs to shut down."

Also had to download updates for my amp every two days.

The thing would freeze up too, all for no reason and give me a reason like "General Car Fault".


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Piece of cake:

Yellow: +12V
Red +5V
Black -12V (the next one to the yellow)
Black -5V (the next one to the red)

If you are using an old supply, you have noticed that it comes with an ON-OFF switch (installed on the computer case). No additional work is required.

But if you are using a newer and more powerful ATX supply (recomended), without any damn switch to turn it on or off, do this:

1. In the patch of wires, search for the green one
2. To turn on the supply, make a bridge between the green wire and a -12V black wire (in my supply is next to the green wire :P)

This system is right now powering the amplifier on my room.

One last warning!! make sure to connect the power supply to a properly grounded outlet. I spent days of my life tryng to get rid of an annoying AC hummmm...

Mr. La Rotta
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