Very difficult choice...HELP


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Hey, im purchasing an amp(s) and I am stuck on a few...Basically they will be powering 2x50W(RMS)(maybe 2 other ones...) and a Dual Voice Coil Memphis 15-MC104D (10", 200W RMS at I would run it at 2ohm)

So should I go the easy/cheap route and get a HIFONICS ZXi8006 that is an all in one solution? ($240)

Or should I get a ROCKFORD FOSGATE P4004 ($180) and ALPINE MRP-M450 ($130)

Any help is appreciated, and if any of you can think of any other solutions let me know!


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get rockford they have better sound quality

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Wuts the ohms on the speakers and specs of the amps??

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Speakers are Single voice coil 4ohm (actually 55RMS)

Rockford Fosgate P4004

i½ 4 Channel Amplifier
i½ 50 watts RMS x 4 at 4 ohms
i½ 100 watts RMS x 4 at 2 ohms
i½ 200 watts RMS x 2 bridged output at 4 ohms
i½ 4-ohm stable in bridged mode
i½ Stereo or bridged mono output
i½ CEA compliant
i½ Tri-Way capable
i½ Variable high- and low-pass crossovers (40-400 Hz at 12 dB/octave)
i½ MOSFET power supply and output stages
i½ MEHSA technology
i½ TOPAZ i½ noise-killing differential inputs
i½ Variable Punch Bass (0-18 dB boost at 45 Hz) with wired remote
i½ Transi½ana circuitry
i½ NOMAD i½ advanced protection circuitry
i½ Speaker and preamp-level inputs
i½ 11"W x 2-7/16"H x 16-3/8"D

Alpine MRP-M450

i½ Mono Amplifier
i½ 220 watts RMS x 1 at 4 ohms
i½ 400 watts RMS x 1 at 2 ohms
i½ MOSFET power supply
i½ Low-pass crossover, 50-200 Hz, 24 dB/octave
i½ Variable Bass EQ bass boost (0-12 dB at 50 Hz)
i½ 15 Hz subsonic filter
i½ Speaker-level inputs
i½ Gold-plated power and speaker screw terminals
i½ 9-3/4"W x 2-3/8"H x 9-9/16"D

Hifonics Zeus ZXi8006

i½ 5 Channel Zeus Series Amplifier
i½ 4 x 55 + 1 x 200 Watts @ 4 Ohms Stereo
i½ 4 x 110 + 1 x 300 Watts @ 2 Ohms Stereo
i½ 2 x 220 + 1 x 300 Watts @ 4Ohms Bridged
i½ Ultra-Fi MOSFETS
i½ Zeus EVXP (Exponential Vari-Power Supply)
i½ SPC - Simpatico Coil Design
i½ HSMD - Hifonics Surface Mount Design
i½ Fully Adjustable
i½ 4 Gauge Power Connectors
i½ Class A/B Operation
i½ Maxi-Fuse
i½ Gold Plated Inputs and Outputs
i½ 4/2 Ohm Stable
i½ Bass Remote Control With Diagnostic LEDs Included

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Find out which one offers the power @ 12.5v.
Hifonics and lot of others love to print 14.4v ratings. Unless you have HO alternator, by the time you raise the volume, the power at the amp's terminal will be somewhere 12.5v - 13v.
So if it's 50w x 4 @ 14.4v, then in your car, it might be 35w-40w.

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What does HO stand for?

I was going to get a maxima alternator (for my 1985 300zx...will supply 90amps instead of 70amps a direct fit)

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HO = high output alternator.
Go sign up for group buy under the accessories from Nate.

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Waht are the benefits of doing this? DOes he go and buy the alternators for cheap or something? Can you give me more info about this?

Anyone else have any input into this setup?

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ya wut isaac said^^

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Nathan makes custom High output alternators. Like 200 amp alternators that will give you plenty of current and keep a steady voltage too. Much better than ANY stock alternator.

This month he is offering a group buy for ecoustic memebers only, meaning you can get an alternator for cheaper. Look into it if you are interested. I only wish I had the money to do it right now.... :-(

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Im interested, how much do prices usually range? I would prolly be getting a low end much you guys think, how can i get a qoute.

Since i am buying online im haveing trouble finding the specs for 12V vs 14.4V. Essentialy i want to keep my budget for amp(s) at $300...and the fosgate+alpine are right there...

Ive never installed an amp or car audio system, but i am very knoweldgeable and havbe installed my HU and front speakers...I guess ill look it up more when im in the process...but do i need some dort of installation kit?

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hey Bryan I have the Hifonics zx8000 which has the same specs as the zxi8006.I'm powering 2 10's running at 2ohms and 4 sets of door speakers.It sounds all right,but I think you will be happier with a 2 amp set-up.I'm just waiting for my amp to blow-up so I can repalce it (it's allready lost 1 channel)

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Henry, thats pretty much what i was all in one amp for only $230??? TO good to be true... the other all in one amps i was looking at were the eclipse version and the memphis belle... and those were about $400 to $600...
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