Type r's, bridging, ohms, etc.


hey i'm getting 2 type R 12's, and i already have one alpine 757. Im thinking about getting another 757 - is this a good idea? will i overpower my subs? also, what connections should i make from my amp(s) to my subs so that they are playing the loudest while still not risking blowing them. Do i need to bridge one sub to one amp and just run them seperate? also should i get 2 or 4 ohm subs? whats the difference in sound? thank you

I think you will find it most difficult to blow Alpine's Type R subwoofers with any amp when set properly and the speakers are protected with the correct enclosure.

At 700w MAX briged power, the MRVT 757 is definately a stout amp but with 1000w MAX rating, the woofer is up to the challenge.

Make darn sure you have the correct enclosure for the speakers (if it's a sealed box, make sure it really is sealed) and spend some time tuning your devices (x-over, gains, eq settngs...) An extra hour of tuning at setup can save you hundreds of dollars and will reward you with clear sound.

...as to which connections you should make, that depends on the whole of your system. If you can give us a quick list of what your system consists of (please be as specific as possible, model numbers are great) and how you have it hooked up right now we'll try to help.

Definately make sure that you run a 4-ohm load to each amp if you are running them mono.. very little difference in sound, except that the 2-ohm is capable of pulling more power out of amps that are stable at 2-ohm. Your 757 is stable at 2-ohm in stereo mode but in mono mode it is only rated at 4.

Honestly, the Alpine can handle the 2-ohm load but the heat generated is more than the heatsink can disperse. The amp gets hot and shuts off...Get 4-ohm if they are single voice coil or 2-ohm if the speakers are dual-voice coil (so you can wire a single 4-ohm load.)

my full system: pioneer premier deck, deh7200 or 7300, factory 4" front, pioneer 3 way 6x9's rated at 220 watts, my alpine 757 amp run by a 4 ga. monster cable, and my 2 type r 12's that i dont know what ohm to get (actually any suggestion on a sub will be appreciated - size, brand, etc) also i will probably be getting another 757. all these are in my 94 olds cutlass supreme 4dr.

The Type R is a fantastic sub, if they are in your price range you can't go wrong.

If you run only one 757 amp, get two SWR-1241D subs. This will let you wire up a single 4-ohm load for your single amp.

If you run two 757 amps, get two SWR-1221D subs. This will allow you get each sub to be a single 4-ohm load for each amp.

It's a darn good idea to get an external active crossover. Your factory 4" fronts won't last long and the 6x9's probably won't either...even with just the head unit powering them. This will require putting an amp on the rest of your speakers but the sound quality will be much better when you provide each speaker with only the frequency range it expects.

Two type R 12" subs with a dedicated 757 on each one... dayum!

one final amp question: if i get another 757, do i need to get another wiring kit or can i use the same one, its a 4 guage wire. also, is there a difference between the expensive brands of wire or the cheap kinds on ebay?

hey, i'm getting a 2001 chevy silverado 4-door ext. cab and i am wondering what the best way is to put subs in it without taking up to much room and still looking good. also i am wondering what size subs or sub i should get so i can have a lot of power but not so much it over powers the speakers.
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