nick vartanian
I have a rockford fosgate 501x amp that powers my speakers and 6x9's. I also have a bass amp. both amps have capacitors on them but my midrange amp keeps shutting off after continuous usage of about 20 min of hard bumping. the bass amp stays cool when i feel it but the midrange amp is like overheating or something. can somebody please tell me why my midrange amp keeps shutting down and my bass amp is fine. could it be that too much power is going to the midrange amp?

The power that goes into an amp is only as much as the amp needs, Check your wireing rather, you might have the speaker leads crossing one another, Either that or the amp doesnt have good enough ventilation. Usualy amps have a thermal overload cut out, so if the amp getys too hoit it shuts down. Try getting more air round the amp.

If you have all your speakers wired in parallel you may have dropped below your amps recommended ohm level.I am not sure about your amp but most amps are stable at 2 ohms. If you have 3 or more 4 ohm speakers hooked up in parallel to one channel that could cause your amp to shut down.
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