Carpeting home built box?


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I am in the process of building myself a vented box. i have some questions regarding carpet

1) does it offer any advantages over painting or formica?

2) where can i find information on carpeting speaker boxes

3)If you box is homemade is it carpeted or painted?



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well....painting is really no advantage at all...its easy to carpet a box..just need carpet...scissors and a tape measure...go to sell all differetn colors of carpet...sorry if i wasnt that great of a help..just answering ur questions best i could....and my box ios homemade and i carpeted it..peace


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I dont know how Formica would look but carpeting a box is very simple, it just takes time and careful planning. Make sure when carpeting that you have it planned out- because if you dont, the seams wont turn out to be close to invisible. The internet has plenty of info out there somewhere. But i dont think its that hard. Painting a box is not really the way to go. Painting is more for the kind of box that gets molded and is made with like cast fiberglass or plastic. If you paint your box when you get done you will wish you had carpeted it (unless your a very good sander). To glue to carpet use a spredable glue like Mastic (comes in a bucket). Make sure you get a spreader that has groves in it (like the kind they use for tile). Spread the mastic all over the box and work one side at a time (glueing than carpet and cut if needed). For a big box two people is nice to have. Remember box making and car sterio is an ART!

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carpeting helps protect MDF from coming apart when you bump the corners and such for one thing
it's easy to do, and very forgiving for another.

other options are fiberglassing, and vinyl covering.. both take a lot of work though.

painting usually comes out poorly.

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thanks for the help. can someone link me to some sites that give tips? im not sure exactly how you do it and keep all the seams hidden
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