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i drive a 05 accord coupe. i have 2 audiobahn 12 inch subs with kicker 1200.1. it sounds loud and clean inside the car but from outside its not that loud. is there anyway i can make it sound loud on the outside too?

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did you buy it so you could listen to it, or so everybody else outside the car could listen to it?

why do you want everyone to hear your music, that's how you get your equipment stolen, and if your city is like mine, that's also how you get a sound pollution ticket.

for it to sound louder outside the car, it would simply have to be louder inside the car.:-)

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I have an 03 accord coupe. I have the same problem, windows opened or closed. The car is very well insulated from road noise, and this prevents noise from escaping the cabin as well. It just isnt gonna happen in that car. You should try enjoying your music for yourself though. If you want people to feel your system you can always have them sit in the rear seats.

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why the hell do you want it loud outside
i dont want anyone to know i have a system especially in my area
also thats why theres that retarted rule that if your music is audible from 25 ft or further u can get a ticket
i wish the sound would keep inside the car im always having to turn music down in certain areas its pretty sad

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Mines very loud in buildings..but not right outside of the car, it wont even be turned up and people say they heard me like a min before I arrive and its at like vol 10-15?
just deaden my car to keep sound in??

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i am asking this because my friends honda civic si has the same setup as mine and his car is loud. i liked his cars sound so i had him setup my car the same.

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first of all....if its a new civic si which is a hatchback (unless you get real technical and the newest si is a coupe again), hatchbacks are notorious for being able to produce big spl. thats why many people like crx's for spl compititions. Second, a brand new accord is built better and has better sound deadening. the car itself and the enclosure all have alot to do with how the sub sounds.
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