Which amp for my SWR-1242D?


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I do all my audio purchases from Bestbuy and so initially I got a RF p5002 and had it bridged. I was then told that I should go for a mono amp over this one which is a 2-channel amp because it would be a waste of power (specifically meaning what..?). BTW, I'm running a Alpine SWR-1242D.

So I checked what Bestbuy had in stock and found that they have the Kenwood KAC-9102D which is a class D amp (as opposed to the class AB rockford).

So, I guess my question is whether I should switch out my amp or not. I have a feeling my Type R can do better than this.
And if not these amps, my budget for a new amp is under $200. Any suggestions?

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That's a 4 ohm dual voice coil sub, correct? That RF p5002 does 500w X 1 RMS at 4 ohms bridged. How did you have it wired? Were you running at 8 ohms? If you did wire in series for the 8 ohm load, then your sub can handle more power. They don't give a rating at 8 ohms bridged, of course, but I'd guess it would only do about 250w-300w RMS at 8 ohms. Maybe even less. If you wired your sub in parallel for a 2 ohm load, then your amp won't last because it isn't stable at 2 ohms bridged.

That Kenwood KAC-9102D is rated at 850w X 1 rms at 2 ohms. If that rating is accurate, you would have to be very careful because you'd be giving your sub 350w beyond its RMS rating.

You need a Class D mono amp with an output of 500w-600w RMS at 2 ohms for your DVC 4 ohm Type-R.

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