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Hello everyone. I'm sure everyone is probably sick of me posting stupid questions on here, but car audio is a dead issue around these parts. I see people walking out with subs from Pepboys, and I weep.

My question is simple, I listen to mostly metal for my music selection. Meshuggah, Darkest Hour, etc, etc, and I was curious to know...

I am getting an Eclipse Titanium woofer...

Should I get the 12 or the 15? I'm only getting one woofer, but I want something that is pretty tight but loud as well.

If anyone can give me their opinion, that would be greatly appreciated, if not, thanks for all your help thus far.


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The smaller the woofer the tighter the bass will be. Personally I like 10's for everything other than rap, haha. Good SQ 10's in a sealed enclosure gives you tight, crisp sounding bass that goes "thump thump." As the woofer gets bigger you get louder and deeper, but less tight, and the bass drum hits start to blend together for more of a "boooom" sound.

As far as your question goes... I'd get the 12" over the 15" for metal music.

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for metal and the such i would get the 12. The 12 will be punchier which is mainly what bass is when listening to metal. The 15 would hit lower, but like i mentioned before there really isnt too much rap that has low bass hits.

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"The smaller the woofer the tighter the bass will be."

this is a common misconception.
The truth is that really, the better the BL curve, and depending on the enclosure type and the crossover point for the subs, the tighter and "faster" the subs will sound.

For example, if you feed a 15" sub plenty of power, and it has a great BL thanks to the right design, and a strong magnet to control the driver movement, then you place this sub in a good sealed enclosure to get the benefits of lower group delay and faster response you'll get a faster sounding sub than you will with an 8" sub with a poor BL, and less power in a ported or bandpass box.

with a Ti, I think you'd have good results with the 12".
The main difference is going to be the amount of power you'll need, and the amount of air the driver displaces.. basically you'll get "more" bass with the 12" due to moving more air. As long as the rest of your system can balance this out, it'll sound great.

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sorry I was thinking you'd said a 10 or a 12, not a 12 or a 15.
The same still applies, but the 15" will give more output than the 12, obviously. If you go with a ported box, the 15" will have a lower Fs, allowing for a lower tuned frequency port as well, which can give more gain in bass at a lower frequency.
If you're going sealed, that won't be a concern.

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Really, Tis are inclined for a ported box. Keep that in mind when choosing.

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my 15in Ti bumps to rap-- so id probably recommend the 12 for heavy metal

and rap does have a lot of lows-- who are u kidding-- all rap is today is synthesizers-which=low

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I think he meant to say metal
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