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I know this has nothing to do with car audio, but I was wondering if anyone here has installed a power window kit into their car/ or anyone elses? And if so, is it easy/worth it? And if yes, what kind kit did you get and where from?

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I'm sure it varies with every make and model, but I rebuilt a '85 f-150 window motor if you need any help with that lol. I'm sure there are plenty of how-to's, step by step, and vehicle forums that can hook you up nicely. I bet'cha even the company that your buying from would give you a walk through on what to do. From what I have seen though there isn't much to it but that's just my 2 cents and everybody else's amount of knowledge will make that pretty shady.

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stick with the old school cranks. Way too much effort for something that in the end won't even save you much effort.

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power windows are handy if you want to tie them into your alarm system etc..

there are two ways to add power windows.
one is easy, not as good, and cheaper.
that involves getting a kit that allows you to remove teh handles from the car doors, and bolt on modules that cover teh crank gears, turning them with a high torque motor instead of by hand.. they have two or four of these modules that fit over the door crank locations, and the switches with wiring to mount on the center console for window control.

The better way to do this is to take the door apart and add actuators and regulators in the doors themselves, replacing the entire manual window mechanics with power window tracks and regulators, then wiring all of it to look like a factory job.
This is how hotrodders do it when they convert manual to power windows in older cars, like 34 Fords, or even 60s muscle cars.
more work, more time, more money, better end result.

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I could care less about how much better they work, I just want them to work, Im kinda tired of having to reach over and crank down the passenger window when I want a nice breeze. Thanks for the advice.
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