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OK i finally got my custom made ported box for my 12w6v2 yesterday.I hooked it up to my orion 225g4 for now until i get my symbilink cable for my zapco amp.Now some songs sound good on it but others dont,and i cant turn it up too loud cuz it will make this noise and it sounds like its about to blow.On my head unit there is a sq adjustment you can adjust 60hz,160hz,400hz,1khz,3khz,6khz,16khz.From -12dB to +12dB in 2db incruments. Wut should i set those to? And it also has a sub low pass filter you can adjust from 80hz,120hz,160hz.Wut should that be set to?And you cant turn it off.Also wut about the settings on my amp,wut should all those be set to?Issac i know you no these orion amps so please help!!

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TWiZTiD, try and set the equalizer to flat. Set the sub to 160Hz. On the G4, turn on the LPF and set the frequency to around 80Hz - 100Hz.
Turn on the HPF and set the low cut off frequency to 20Hz - 25Hz, set the Intelli Q to 6db+.
That should give you clean smooth bass.

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Ok thanks man it sounds alot better than wut i had it set to.But about the low pass filter,were you talking about the one on the amp or the HU? Cuz when i turn the one on the amp on i get no bass at all.Also on the input switches on the amp i have the right set to 0 and the left set to mono is that right? One more thing,when i set the bass,treble or anything on the HU my sub makes a thump noise and moves in and out when the volume is off or really low,it also does this when im switching songs or when i turn off my car and my system shuts off.Any ideas wut that could be?
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