Alpine cda-7892
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well i got a free alpine over the weekend, and its busted, the cd player will eject the cd, and try and load and eject and load and eject and load about 500 million times and then you get an error code on the display and you have to manually close the faceplate it sux, any ideas on any sensors or something that i could maybe replace? i know its down to the board level, almost positive its a board level issue, any ideas?
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Any ideas at all would be helpful. the guy at my work was saying that there has to be some kind of switch that gets flipped (in theory) when the cd is loaded into the cd tray. i dont feel like buying a brand new cd tray for 120 bux. i want to know about the schematics of the boards inside and how the player knows when there is a cd loaded.

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hey i got a free alpine 2 it was a cda-7897 but anyway it didnt work either didnt care it cost 600 new he didnot know that so sent it to alpine and they fixed it for a 95 dollar flat fee
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